“Every Tax is a Pay Cut ... A Tax Cut is a Pay Raise”

48 years as “The Voice of Massachusetts Taxpayers”
and their Institutional Memory

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CLT Commentary
by Chip Ford

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After nearly half a century (48 years) of saving Massachusetts taxpayers countless billions of their dollars,
Citizens for Limited Taxation was permanently shut down on December 31, 2022
due to insufficient and diminishing support from those taxpayers.  Goodbye, and good luck.

CLT Updates 2022

Dec 31, 2022 Reactions to CLT's Imminent Shutdown
Is Taking Out Proposition 2½ the First Target?
Dec 15, 2022 CLT/MassFiscal Press Conference
Dec 15, 2022 CLT Passes Tax Limitation Torch to MassFiscal 
Nov 11, 2022 Election Analysis — The Final CLT Update
Nov 6, 2022 Appreciation of Barbara Anderson and CLT as Its End Arrives
Oct 30, 2022 CLT's $3B Tax Cap Refund Checks Start Going Out On Tuesday!
Oct 23, 2022 CLT's $3B Tax Cap Refund Cometh!
Oct 20, 2022 Vote "HELL NO!" on Question 1
Oct 16, 2022 Desperate Socialists Attempt Tax Cap Refund Obstruction
Also: Proposition 2½ Still Stands Against Unfunded Local Mandates
Oct 8, 2022 Takers Move to Scuttle Tax Cap Refund
Sep 26, 2022 Tax Cap Refund Appears Safe — For Now
Sep 18, 2022 $3B Tax Refund "Ain't Over 'Til The Fat Lady Sings"
Sep 15, 2022 CLT Thanks Auditor Bump for Smooth Certification of Tax Cap Refund 
Sep 15, 2022 State Auditor Certifies CLT's $2.94 Billion Tax Cap Refund!
Sep 11, 2022 Tax Cap Refund Response: An Abrupt Change of Mind, Or...?
Sep 5, 2022 "The Check May Actually Be Coming In The Mail"
Aug 23, 2022 Attorneys for MassFiscal, CLT Notify Auditor Bump of Pending Taxpayers Lawsuit
Aug 15, 2022 Tax Cap Refund, Tax Relief:
Vacationing Legislature Dithers To Run Out The Clock
Aug 7, 2022 CLT's $3B Tax Cap Rebate: What's Ahead?
Aug 1, 2022 CLT's Tax Cap Saved — $3B Tax Rebate Expected!
Jul 31, 2022 CLT's 1986 Tax Cap to Rebate $3 Billion to Taxpayers — Comes Under Threat!
Jul 29, 2022 The Timing Couldn’t Be Better 
Jul 28, 2022 Thanks to Barbara Anderson for CLT’s Ticking Tax-Cap Time Bomb 
Jul 24, 2022 Final Week of Session, Historic Chaos on Beacon Hill
Jul 17, 2022

A Small Tax Rebate, Some Tax Reforms

Jul 10, 2022

Token "Tax Relief" To Arrive For Some — Pre-Election

Jul 3, 2022 "Tax Relief" Aims for Redistribution of Over-Taxation Revenue Surplus
Jun 27, 2022

Court Decisions Rule The Week

Jun 20, 2022

Two-Day Sales Tax Holiday and Ballot Questions Week

Jun 13, 2022 Still No Relief from Over-Taxation or Bidenflation
Jun 5, 2022 More Over-Taxation Mounts As Tax Rebates Remain Elusive
May 30, 2022 New Tax Hikes Before Dubious "Tax Relief"?
May 22, 2022 Is a "Change Election" Conceivable in Mass.?
May 15, 2022 Proposed $49.68 Billion Senate Budget — Still No Tax Relief
May 9, 2022 Multiple Billions In Absurd Over-Taxation Keeps Piling Up — But Still No Tax Relief
May 1, 2022 House $49.7 Billion Budget Increased Spending, Adopted 155-0
Apr 25, 2022 When They've Lost The Globe Who Stands With Them?
Apr 17, 2022 House $50B Budget Rejects All Tax Relief
Apr 11, 2022 March Tax Collections Break Yet Another Record
Apr 4, 2022 Death and Taxes in Mass.
Mar 27, 2022 No Gas Tax Relief On Beacon Hill's One-Way Street
Mar 21. 2022 Inconsistencies and Absurdities Abound
Mar 13, 2022 California Gov's Decree Bans Gas/Diesel Vehicles In Mass.
Mar 7, 2022 Revenue Windfall Rolls On, But No Tax Relief In Sight
Feb 27, 2022 Baker's Tax Relief Looking Good — Maybe — Maybe Something Else?
Feb 22, 2022 Testimony for the Joint Committee on Revenue on H.4361
Citizens for Limited Taxation Supports Gov. Baker’s Tax Relief 
Feb 21, 2022 New Poll Shows Grad Tax Losing Support
Driver's Licenses For Illegals On Fast Track
Feb 13, 2022 Gov's Tax Relief Clashes With Legislature's New Taxes Schemes
Feb 7, 2022 Stunning Over-Taxation Marches On
Jan 31, 2022 A "Surtax" On "Millionaires" — And Maybe A Boost For Prop 2½
Jan 24, 2022 "Out of The Frying Pan, Into The Fire"
Jan 17, 2022 Surprise Hike In Mass. Auto Excise Coming?
Jan 12, 2022 CLT Again Supports Estate Tax Revision 
Jan 9, 2022 Record-Shattering Revenue Haul Still Not Enough
Dec 20, 2021 A Dysfunctional Legislature With Egg On Its Face
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