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Dec 26, 2000 The Gimme Lobby's campaign continues
Dec 22, 2000 A little something in everyone's stocking for 2001 (and maybe some coal for Grinch Birmingham)
Dec 17, 2000 I'm OK, you're OK!
Dec 15, 2000 Eagle-Tribune: "Want to volunteer to pay more taxes?"
Dec 15, 2000 The greed continues unabated
Dec 13, 2000 Please stop sending money to Promise
Dec 11, 2000 "Against the tax cut? Give it back," by Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Dec 10, 2000 VOTE check-off weekend commentary
Dec 8, 2000 Another alternative solution to a perceived problem
Dec 7, 2000 CLT files VOTE contribution bills: House version claimed by Minority Leader
Dec 5, 2000 With our VOTE revenue contribution everyone's a winner!  
Nov 30, 2000 Boston Globe shows its bias; Dick Egan strikes back
Nov 19, 2000 SHNS: Legislature faces decisions on if, how to implement ballot questions
Nov 9, 2000 The sky is falling!" - The Gimme Lobby whines on
Nov 8, 2000 VICTORY!  A Promise to Keep: 5% and Gov's Tax Rollback Committee win Q4 big!
Oct 22, 2000 Speaker Finneran: Tax Rollback benefits all; rate should be rolled back
Oct 14, 2000 Poll Shows promise for A Promise to Keep as Gimme Lobby prepares ad blitz
Oct 13, 2000 Gov. Cellucci shreds Gimme Lobby's "debt" tactic
Oct 11, 2000 They'd shamelessly now have us believe they're "worried about the state's 'debt'"! 
Oct 03, 2000 New Mass. Taxpayers Foundation calls Question 4 "affordable"
Sep 29, 2000 Evil walks among us: It's called the Gimme Lobby
Sep 26, 2000 Another Gimme Lobby "independent report": A call for class-warfare
Sep 25, 2000 Mass. profits from states that didn't spend fast enough
Sep 23, 2000 Gimme Lobby imports another "non-partisan think-tank" to oppose keeping the promise
Sep 19, 2000 Gimme Lobby bites the hand that feeds it, while its ally is guilty of campaign violations
Sep 18, 2000 Barbara's Column: "Mass. Teachers Association: 'For the Children'?"
Sep 17, 2000 Taxpayers to Gimme Lobby: Let Us Heat Our Homes and Families Ourselves!
Sep 09, 2000 Ballot Committees File OCPF Finance Reports (Promise to Keep: 5% Numbers)
Aug 16, 2000 Clueless Mass. Taxpayers Foundation Again Inserts Foot in Mouth
Aug 13, 2000 "Frog Soup" -- A Boston Herald Column by Chip Ford
Aug 01, 2000 Clueless Mass. Taxpayers Foundation Blindsided Again, Simply Shocked
Jul 28, 2000 Red Sox Boondoggle - Taxpayers On the Hook ... Again?
Jul 20, 2000 The Lies and Broken Promises Continue
Jul 13, 2000 A Teacher Makes Our Case!
Jul 12, 2000 Can You Smell the Gimme Lobby's Desperation?
Jul 11, 2000 A Sample of the National Response to the Jeff Jacoby Purge
Jul 09, 2000 Boston Globe Columnist and CLT Friend Jeff Jacoby Suspended
Jul 06, 2000 CLT, Gov's Tax Rollback Committee Submit Three Times the Required Number of Certified Signatures: "Temporary" Tax Rollback Goes to November Ballot!!!
Jul 04, 2000 Two Reasons to Celebrate Independence Day (Tax Rollback Petition Drive Succeeds!) & "56 Great Risk-Takers" by Jeff Jacoby
Jul 03. 2000 State Swimming in $700 Million Surplus
Jun 29, 2000 Gas Tax Hike Halted, but Taxpayers Fund "Elitist Soiree"
Jun 28, 2000 State Gas Tax Increased!
Jun 27, 2000 The Plundering Ends in November!
Jun 25, 2000 "The Sky is Falling!" - "Teacher Shortage Crisis" Ahead!
Jun 24, 2000 A Taxpayer IQ Test (What's Wrong With This Picture?)
Jun 23, 2000 Desperate Senate Dem's Sleazy Scam Aims to Confuse Voters
Jun 22, 2000 Senate Debate: Vote to Confuse Voters -- and Vote to Reward Teachers Union
Jun 22, 2000 Teachers Union "Early Retirement" Reward Passes House
Jun 21, 2000 Deadline Today for Petitions to Clerks -- More Big Retirement Plans Approved!
Jun 19, 2000 All Aboard the Pension Express! - MTA "Early Retirement Bill" Override Vote Tomorrow
Jun 16, 2000 Only 5 DAYS Remain / Rapacious Teachers Union Opens Floodgates
Jun 14, 2000 Memo to the Legislature, Re: Teachers Union "Early Retirement Bill"
Jun 12, 2000 Only 9 DAYS Remain Until the Signatures Deadline / More "Teachers Early Retirement"
Jun 10, 2000 Legislature's Payoff to Teachers Union for Fighting Tax Rollback
Jun 06, 2000 Only 15 DAYS Remain Until the Signatures Deadline / Lawsuit Update
Jun 01, 2000 CLT Joins Federal Lawsuit to Defend Initiative Process
May 25, 2000 The CLT Annual Dinner, and a Republican Betrayal
May 24, 2000 Senate Debate on "Promised" Rollback of 11 Year-Old "Temporary" Income Tax Hike
May 23, 2000 A "Nonpartisan" Report, My Assets!
May 18, 2000 Sen. President: "If the Tax Rollback Passes, the Sky Won't Fall..."
May 17, 2000 "Where Would You Cut?" Spending Increases, of Course!
May 16, 2000 Grab Your Pockets -- The Bandits are Plundering Again!
May 15, 2000 TEAM's Campaign of Fear, Lies and Unmitigated Greed Runs Into Our Wall of Truth
May 13, 2000 Legislature Forces Referendum on Tax Rollback - Telegram & Gazette
May 12, 2000 Round Two Tax Rollback Petitions Arrive -- Volunteers Invited!
May 01, 2000 Memo to the Legislature: Vote on Tax Rollback Petition
Apr 28, 2000 Registry Fee Increases = Longer Lines, Less Service
Apr 27, 2000 Barbara Debates President of So-Called Mass. Taxpayers Foundation
Apr 25, 2000 CLT Testimony Against Registry of Motor Vehicles Fee Increases
Apr 22, 2000 House Speaker Backs Down, Plans Search Party for "Phantom Voters"
Apr 21, 2000 Boston Herald: "Phantom Votes Cast in Wild Spending Session"
Apr 20, 2000 Animal House: Pols Boozed, Slept Through Budget Spending Spree  
Apr 19, 2000 Governor Cellucci, CLT, Hold News Conference
Apr 17, 2000 Patriots Day - "Like Thieves in the Night..." by Joe Sciacca, Boston Herald
Apr 15, 2000 House Recklessly Spends Income Tax Revenues  
Apr 15, 2000 House Passes 2001 Budget in Wee Hours Spending Spree
Apr 14, 2000 More Pork Proposed for Pols
Apr 13, 2000 Eagle-Tribune: "Sows at the Public Trough"
Apr 12, 2000 Causes and Effects: The Power of "Followership" Appointments
Apr 11, 2000 Money for More Pay Raises, Early Retirement, and "Dramatic New Commitments"
... but None for Keeping a Promise
Apr 10, 2000 House Debate on FY 2001 Budget/Tax Rollback & "Trojan Horse" Proposals
Apr 08, 2000 Their Worthless Words Exposed
Apr 06, 2000 Taxation Committee's Dog-and-Pony Show Endured
Apr 04, 2000 Tax Cut Opponents Push Trojan Horse Substitute
Apr 03, 2000 Taxation Committee Hearing on H.4981: Tax Rollback Initiative Petition
Apr 01, 2000 An Historic Week of Broken Promises, Greed and Vice
Mar 31, 2000 Broken Promises, Greed and Vice: Pols Pack Budget with Pork  
Mar 30, 2000 State Pols "Move to Hike Their Own Earnings" ... Again
Mar 29, 2000 No Tax Cuts in This Year's Budget, but Stealth Gas Tax Coming?
Mar 28, 2000 Tax Cut Foes Visit Sturbridge ... and Friends Visit Too!
Mar 27, 2000 The "Forces of Darkness" Marshal Troops
Mar 13, 2000 "Big Money for the Big Dig" by Jeff Jacoby - Boston Globe
Mar 12, 2000 Gov. Cellucci Thanks Petition Volunteers at Activists Party
Mar 10, 2000 MTF Finally Nailed for Crying Wolf
Mar 09, 2000 Yet Another State Slush Fund Raided
Mar 07, 2000 Yet Another State Slush Fund Uncovered
Mar 02, 2000 Mayors' Association Opposes Tax Rollback -- While Revenues Pile Up
Feb 27, 2000 Cities, Towns and State All Awash in $$
Feb 26, 2000 Teachers Breaking Promises and Now Cheating
Feb 24, 2000 MTF's Big Dig-Plus Plan: More Borrowing, Gas Taxes, Fees
Feb 17, 2000 First They Came for the Drivers License Fee Increase ... and We Said Something!
Feb 16, 2000 Connections: The Income Tax Rollback, the Big Dig, and the Tobacco Settlement  
Feb 15, 2000 "The Sky is Falling!" Doesn't Stop Them from Spending "The Spoils"
Feb 11, 2000 CLT Challenges Use of Fees for Big Dig
Feb 10, 2000 Illegal Fees Forcing CLT to Reopen its Lawsuit -
Feb 08, 2000 A "Fair Solution"? Open the "Rainy Day" Trust Fund Umbrella!
Feb 04, 2000 Union Boss, Democrat Money-Man Open Fire on Tax Rollback
Feb 03, 2000 "The Sky is Falling!" Opposition Ballot Campaign Has Begun
Jan 27, 2000 An Ignorant "Perversion" of the U.S. Supreme Court's I&R Decision
Jan 22, 2000 "Special Interest Big Money," SJKC, Hijack Petition Process
Jan 21, 2000 State of the State Address: Sen. Birmingham's Roadshow  
Jan 19, 2000 MTF Backtracks; $$ Billions Fill State Pension Fund
Jan 18, 2000 Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation Attacks Taxpayers Again
Jan 17, 2000 TV News Anchor Resorts to Tax Cut Hysteria
Jan 16, 2000 "Major Fight Looms ..." Advice for Teachers
Jan 15, 2000 "Battle Lines Drawn" by Teachers Union That Can't Count
Jan 14, 2000 Elitist Talking Head Blathers On
Jan 11, 2000 Excessive Taxes, Fees ... Now a Fine Increase
Jan 04, 2000 Tax Rollback Petition Proceeds Unchallenged
Dec 28, 1999 State "Awash" with $$ But Still "Not Enough" (Last 1999 Update)
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