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Governor Cellucci's Tax Rollback Committee
Honors Top Activists at "Thank You" Party

Hampton Inn, Natick
March 9, 2000

On Thursday evening, March 9, 2000, Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci, Lieutenant Governor Jane Swift, and the governor's Tax Rollback Committee hosted a "Thank You" party for the top petition drive activists: those volunteers who contributed at least 500 signatures themselves to our 150,000 raw-signatures total, or who coordinated groups of volunteers which contributed over 500 signatures. A large number of those invited, some seventy activists from around the state, enjoyed the camaraderie and glowed in the ultimate satisfaction of a hard job well-done.

Governor Cellucci, Lt. Governor Swift and we at CLT thank each and every one of you who contributed any number of signatures to the outstanding combined total! It was that teamwork and everyone's contribution which provided such an overwhelming buffer against another multi-million dollar Massachusetts Teachers Association signature challenge. (Maybe now they'll spend some of that money we saved them "for the children"? Don't hold your breath -- as always, it'll go "for the union bosses.")

The photos below capture some of the moments.

Photos by Chip Ford

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CLT executive director Barbara Anderson (right) introduces Gov. Paul Cellucci and Lt. Gov. Jane Swift. Tax Rollback Committee leader Paul Melkonian looks on from the left.

Barbara Anderson indroducing Gov. Cellucci

Gov. Paul Cellucci Thanking Top Activists

Gov. Cellucci thanks 70 of the petition drive's top signature collectors and coordinators.

Lt. Gov. Swift (right) adds her thanks to the volunteers.

Lt. Gov. Jane Swift Thanking Top Activists

Tax Rollback T-Shirts for All

Paul Melkonian (left) presents Barbara, the Governor and Lt. Governor with their official Tax Rollback Committee t-shirts. (Billerica's John MacMillan stands behind Melkonian.)

The official Tax Rollback Committee's "Tax Busters" t-shirts were given to each top petition drive activist.

Tax Rollback T-Shirt

Sheila Richardson of Dracut

CLT activist Sheila Richardson of Dracut (left) with Gov. Cellucci.

Chip Ford's dad, Woody Ford of Tewksbury (right), with the Governor and Lt. Governor.

Chip's Dad, Woody Ford of Tewksbury

Stan of the Arlington Tea Party

Arlington Tea Party's dedicated activist, Stan.