CLT Update
Wednesday, December 13, 2000

Please stop sending money to Promise

Please stop sending money to Promise.

I never thought I'd ever say those words ... or write them!

But enough of you have come through for CLT to finally wipe out the Promise campaign debt!

Thank you one and all!

If contributions to Promise continue coming in, this can create a new problem, though one we'd much rather confront than being stuck in debt.

Once the debt and remaining bills are paid, under state law any surplus funds must be turned over to either the state (that'll be the day!) or to a non-profit charity. We don't want your contribution to CLT/Promise to be spent like that.

IF YOU STILL INTEND TO CONTRIBUTE to our success for the taxpayers of the commonwealth, if you are one of those who pledged to help in the weeks ahead, PLEASE MAKE OUT YOUR  CHECK TO:  Citizens for Limited Taxation, or simply CLT, and mail it to PO Box 408, Peabody, MA  01960.

We were sweating it for a while there, wondering where the future would take the organization, if it could or would survive to fight another day.

Enough of you have insured that post-election life for CLT will continue, and it will move ahead as long as we have your continued support.

Thanks to each of you contributors from Barbara, Chip Faulkner, Loretta, me ... and all the other members of CLT who wanted to see the organization survive and voted with their checkbooks. We recognize and appreciate that, while you are only a small proportion of our membership, again you've come to the rescue and saved the day for all the taxpayers of Massachusetts. They too should be grateful for your commitment and generosity!

Chip Ford

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