A Teacher Makes Our Case!

You will recall all the tales of woe that come spewing forth whenever someone points out that teachers are not underpaid when their months of summer vacation are factored in. You know the predictable babble: "we never stop working, preparing next year's class plan, taking improvement courses, overworked, underpaid, always being bashed, blah, blah, blah."

Well, we've finally found a teacher who has told it like it is ... as it really is.

Once you get beyond his sarcasm and vitriol, Brian O'Neill, in his letter to the editor (below), documented what idyllic extended vacations only teachers and legislators uniquely enjoy at taxpayers' expense, how they really spend those paid months off.

He also demonstrated the contempt in which too many of them smugly hold their employers, we taxpayers, thumbing his nose at those of us in the real world.

We thank Brian for this great service he has provided, one money can't buy. He can depend on us to immortalize his words in the days and months ahead.

Chip Ford

The Salem Evening News 
Wednesday, July 12, 2000
Letters to the Editor

Sick of Anderson's anti-teacher diatribes

To the Editor:

I called today to cancel my subscription to your newspaper. I cannot abide seeing one more inane column by Barbara Anderson.

The poor woman must have had some terrible experiences in grade school to show such rancor and contempt for public schools and teachers in her writings. That's a shame, but why do we readers have to constantly be confronted by her often ignorant and illogical rhetoric that only serves to insult and to display her vitriolic biases?

Her latest tirade ("Nothing like a Bay State summer - especially if you're a teacher or legislator," June 27) whining about teachers and others having the summer "off," is typical of her radio talk show blather, masquerading as political commentary fit to be printed.

Aside from the two to three weeks I'll spend going into my Marblehead classroom to clean and organize for next year, mostly on rainy days, and the week-long, curriculum-related course I'm taking, the summer is all mine! I intend to sleep late when I want, eat slow breakfasts on the deck with the dogs, read a pile of books awaiting my attention, take my old MG to Cranes Beach then take a walk and a swim, putter in the garden, maybe have a gin and tonic in the early afternoon with other teacher or retiree friends. And you know what Barbara? I'm going to enjoy it all the more just knowing how much it galls you!

Have a great summer! Hope it doesn't rain every weekend, or during your short week's vacation in August. What a shame!

Brian F. O'Neill

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