CLT Update
Saturday, October 14, 2000

Poll shows promise for A Promise to Keep
as Gimme Lobby prepares ad blitz

You've probably noticed that we're sending out faxes to the media statewide on a daily basis lately. "Just the Fax, Media" releases are intended to remind reporters, columnists, editorial writers and commentators of the facts; to separate the Gimme Lobby's spin from the historical truths.

We borrowed the title from Detective Sgt. Joe Friday's famous instructions to witnesses in the classic TV series, Dragnet: "Just the facts, m'am."

Thanks to CLT activist Jonathan Lederman, we've built one good computer out of three defunct ones and dedicate it to a computer-fax program, so the hours of faxing don't tie up one of our busy computers.

The CLT/Promise Truth Squad is in action and will continue fact-checking and alerting the media until November 7th!

The poll I mentioned earlier this week is out, though you'll be hard-pressed to find it. Apparently the recent UMass poll showed Question 4 ahead by 74-17 percent. That's great news ... but don't go running overconfident on us now!

The Gimme Lobby, "The Campaign for Massachusetts' Future," is about to launch its TV ad blitz early next week. Prepare for an assault of fear, lies and unmitigated greed whenever you turn on the television. Remember, they've vowed to do "whatever it takes" to win and they have very deep pockets, virtually bottomless!

That $350,000 the National Education Association reportedly has given to the state teachers union (from a $5 dues increase on its members) to oppose Question 4 is still floating around out there somewhere. That one contribution alone -- never mind the almost-million dollars our opponents have already raised -- will buy an awful lot of TV ads, literally saturate the airwaves. Let's see if the NEA money is reported in their campaign finance report, due next week!

Chip Ford

PS. Don't miss the Gov. Paul Cellucci vs. Treasurer Shannon O'Brien debate on WBZ TV-4 tomorrow morning at 11:00. This EyeWitness News Conference with John Henning was taped on Thursday and reminded me of the first Bush-Gore debate. See Shannon O'Brien pick up Al Gore's nasty performance where he left off, with her nonstop attempt to dominate the conversation and get in the last word. Another win for the governor, and O'Brien's frustration clearly shows it!

The post-debate "hallway debate" between the governor and treasurer is available thanks to the State House News Service, but you'll need RealPlayer (free) to listen to it.

Historical Note: They want us to trust them!

The Boston Globe
May 21, 1991

Tax hike of $845M is urged

...Barbara Anderson, executive director of Citizens for Limited Taxation, sparred with [TEAM executive director Jim] Braude on a number of occasions last year over CLT's proposed tax-rollback petition on the November ballot. "When we were debating Jim Braude last year, I would ask him, 'Jim, what taxes are you going to raise next year?' and he would respond that he would not support a tax increase," Anderson said yesterday.

Full report

A Promise to Keep: 5%

Friday, October 13, 2000

Debt if you do, debt if you don't 

The Boston Globe
Saturday, October 14, 2000

Voters Warming up to tax-cut question

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