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April 15, 2000
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House Recklessly Spends Income Tax Revenues

The Massachusetts House is throwing money away in order to get rid of excess income tax revenue only to later argue that "the commonwealth can't afford" the income tax rollback in November.

As it spends the commonwealth into the next fiscal crisis, the House ignores the pathetic pleadings of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation and other "responsible" organizations to not increase the budget during these good economic times to unsustainable levels.

Meanwhile, the MTF (Massachusetts Totally-Clueless Foundation) leads the opposition to the income tax rollback, the one chance we have to slow down the overspending. Michael Widmer, get a clue: if the politicians have it, they will spend it.

Voters also must wake up. In November 1998, they gave legislators a constitutionally guaranteed pay raise, thinking that this would prevent the politicians from voting for their own pay hikes; on the same ballot, voters supported the Clean Election Law.

Legislators will get their automatic pay raises, and now they are giving themselves more office slush funds and preparing to eventually add more leadership positions with higher bonuses, while killing the Clean Elections Law and also removing some existing restrictions on lobbyists.

To quote comedian Lily Tomlin: "No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up." But this doesn't mean we shouldn't try.


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