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CLT News Release
Friday, July 29, 2022

The Timing Couldn’t Be Better


Contact: Chip Ford, Executive Director

Reportedly legislative leaders are contemplating hoisting the middle-finger Beacon Hill salute to voters and taxpayers once again.

According to the State House News Service: "’Sure, it's an option,’ Mariano told reporters when asked if lawmakers would consider undoing the 1986 voter law.  ‘Everything's on the table.  We could undo the law, we could change it, we could postpone.’"

They could also leave it alone as mandated by 54% of voters, their constituents.  That would be the correct option “on the table” in a truly representative government – the only honorable course.

“That Speaker Mariano would even consider such an affront to democracy, to election results, and to voters themselves – that he even dares speak it aloud – demonstrates the degree of sheer political arrogance that permeates ‘The Great and General Court’ of the Commonwealth,” said Chip Ford, Executive Director of Citizens for Limited Taxation which co-sponsored the successful 1986 ballot question along with the Mass. High Tech Council.

There are but two days remaining in the Legislature’s formal session before “full-time” legislators will leave for the remainder of the year so they can hit the campaign trail to seek reelection or election to higher office at taxpayers’ expense.  The timing couldn’t be worse for legislators.

If their final vote before bailing out is to repeal the voters’ long-established tax-cap as soon as it is triggered, to deny taxpayers the voter-mandated rebate of billions of their dollars in excessive over-taxation, it may prove for many legislators to be snatching defeat from the jaws of victory – which would be the just consequence.  Let legislators explain such a cavalier betrayal to voters in their districts while asking for their votes.  The timing couldn’t be better for taxpayers and voters.

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