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CLT's Tax Cap Refunds $3 Billion to 3.4 Million Taxpayers


Jul 28, 2022 Thanks to Barbara Anderson for CLT’s Ticking Tax-Cap Time Bomb 
Jul 29, 2022 The Timing Couldn’t Be Better 
Jul 31, 2022 CLT's 1986 Tax Cap to Rebate $3 Billion to Taxpayers — Comes Under Threat!
Aug 1, 2022 CLT's Tax Cap Saved — $3B Tax Rebate Expected!
Aug 7, 2022 CLT's $3B Tax Cap Rebate: What's Ahead?
Aug 15, 2022 Tax Cap Refund, Tax Relief:
Vacationing Legislature Dithers To Run Out The Clock
Aug 23, 2022 Attorneys for MassFiscal, CLT Notify Auditor Bump of Pending Taxpayers Lawsuit
Sep 5, 2022 "The Check May Actually Be Coming In The Mail"
Sep 11, 2022 Tax Cap Refund Response: An Abrupt Change of Mind, Or...?
Sep 15, 2022 State Auditor Certifies CLT's $2.94 Billion Tax Cap Refund!
Sep 15, 2022 CLT Thanks Auditor Bump for Smooth Certification of Tax Cap Refund 
Sep 18, 2022 $3B Tax Refund "Ain't Over 'Til The Fat Lady Sings"
Sep 26, 2022 Tax Cap Refund Appears Safe — For Now
Oct 8, 2022 Takers Move to Scuttle Tax Cap Refund
Oct 16, 2022 Desperate Socialists Attempt Tax Cap Refund Obstruction
Also: Proposition 2˝ Still Stands Against Unfunded Local Mandates
Oct 23, 2022 CLT's $3B Tax Cap Refund Cometh!
Oct 30, 2022 CLT's $3B Tax Cap Refund Checks Start Going Out On Tuesday!
Nov 6, 2022 Appreciation of Barbara Anderson and CLT as Its End Arrives

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