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“Every Tax is a Pay Cut ... A Tax Cut is a Pay Raise”

47 years as “The Voice of Massachusetts Taxpayers”
and their Institutional Memory

Thank you for your interest in Citizens for Limited Taxation, and for taking the time to help us become a stronger voice for the taxpayers of Massachusetts.  To make your contribution securely through PayPal or by credit card, please click on one of the buttons below that indicates the amount you would like to contribute.

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While the buttons come labeled "donate," we don't consider your support a "donation."  A donation is providing something for nothing but support of a good cause.  We consider it a "contribution" ― because you are choosing to contribute to the effort for limited taxation; you are becoming a part of CLT with an investment in it to save yourself, your family, and your neighbors from the insatiable state government.  Like the Concord Minuteman in our logo you are choosing to become a participant of our mutual defense of taxpayers.

We and your fellow Massachusetts taxpayers thank you for your consideration and support.

Chip Ford
Executive Director

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