A Ballot Committee of Citizens for Limited Taxation


in Alliance with
Governor A. Paul Cellucci's Tax Rollback Committee

Vote "YES!" on Question 4
Before They're Back for MORE!

Victory!   Tax rollback committee predict $150 savings for average family Nov 9, 2000
Victory!   Lawmakers weigh impact of tax cut Nov 9, 2000
Victory!   Voters give selves $1.2B tax cut Nov 8, 2000
Victory!   Pols held to promise as tax cut measure passes Nov 8, 2000
Victory!   Voters approve Cellucci's tax cut Nov 8, 2000
Victory!   Opposing change, taking $: Tax rollback appeals to voters  Nov 8, 2000
State tax rollback sides make their final pitches (NEA $350,000 contribution acknowledged at last!) Nov 7, 2000
Unions flex muscle in fighting tax cut Nov 6, 2000
Vote has leaders on edge; Mass. lawmakers warn of fiscal risk Nov 6, 2000
Ballot question battles rage across Bay State Nov 6, 2000
Boston Herald Poll: Unpopular Cellucci's a drag on tax-cut chances Nov 5, 2000
Teachers unions have paid $800G to defeat Question 4 Nov 3, 2000
Most South Shore voters favor tax cut Nov 2, 2000
Cellucci, Birmingham talk taxes Oct 31, 2000
$1.2b state spending hike planned Oct 31, 2000
Gov, Birmingham to tangle over tax Oct 30, 2000
In Mass. voter poll, tax cut has the edge Oct 30, 2000
Poll-shocked Cellucci rallies tax rollback troops Oct 28, 200
Gov's tax question losing voter support Oct 27, 2000
Ballot campaigns rolling out the big bucks as Election Day nears Oct 25, 2000
This time the voters may go for an income-tax cut Oct 25, 2000
Group boosts tax cut effects ... Oct 25, 2000
Finneran affirms opposition to income tax cut Oct 24, 2000
Tax-cut opponents mobilize for uphill fight Oct 23, 2000
Cellucci-Finneran tax debate low-key Oct 22, 2000
"Make a decision" - Hypocrisy or deception, Treasurer O'Brien? Oct 22, 2000
Does Question 4 keep a pledge or foster fiscal folly? Oct 22, 2000
Considering the tax rollback Oct 21, 2000
What a difference a decade makes Oct 20, 2000
Polls show state demographics, support for ballot questions Oct 17, 2000
Ballot question proposes reduction, faces criticism Oct 17, 2000
Rivals in tax-cut debate turn on TV Oct 17, 2000
Tax question focus of local debate Oct 16, 2000
Tax cut ballot flashpoint Oct 15, 2000
Question 4 supporters, foes quibble over tax cut figures Oct 15, 2000
Voters warming up to tax-cut question Oct 14, 2000
Governor, state treasurer spar on tax cut  Oct 13, 2000
Report: "High Taxes Make It Tough to Recruit in Massachusetts" Oct 12, 2000
3 Months into Fiscal Year, Cellucci Predicts $1B Surplus, Touts Tax Cut Oct 10, 2000
Cellucci faces battle in Gore country Oct 8, 2000
NEA spends dues increase to influence tax rates Oct 2, 2000
Dept. of Revenue: September revenues again up, 14.2% from last September Oct 6, 2000
Cellucci, Grossman clash on tax plan Oct 5, 2000
Cellucci, Grossman debate tax cut proposal Oct 5, 2000
High Tech hears plan, endorses Question 4: Gov. pitches rollback proposal Sep 29, 2000
New health care group warns subsidies, services threatened by tax cut Sep 28, 2000
Campaign opposes tax cuts on ballot, but Mass. Business Roundtable endorses Question 4 Sep 28, 2000
Dept. of Revenue: August revenues up 8.4% from last August Aug 3, 2000
Lawmakers plot "to double" ballot question arguments against tax rollback Jul 12, 2000
Cellucci: Tax cut going before voters on November ballot Jul 6, 2000
State's surplus surges $200M: Extra cash to fuel spending debates Jul 3, 2000
State surplus swells by $200m Jul 2, 2000
Cellucci cites "spending binge" in renewing call for big tax cut Apr 18, 2000
Stanley reneges on tax cut vote Apr 11, 2000
Pols pack budget with pork Mar 31, 2000
Cities, towns also awash in surplus cash ... but still not enough either Feb 27, 2000
Major fight looms over income tax rollback Jan 16, 2000
State awash with $$ for a rainy day ... but still "not enough" Dec 28, 1999
Tax fighters off to an early start Oct 1, 1999
Towns rolling in cash Feb 16, 1999
Cities and towns reporting high levels of free cash Dec 25, 1998
Bay State tax-cut vow is hard to track down Mar 11, 1998
TEAM calls for $845 million tax increase May 21, 1991
TEAM pushes ballot question for $1 billion tax hike May 12, 1991

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