A Ballot Committee of Citizens for Limited Taxation


in Alliance with
Governor A. Paul Cellucci's Tax Rollback Committee

Vote "YES!" on Question 4
Before They're Back for MORE!

Speaker Finneran: Tax Rollback benefits all; rate should be rolled back Oct 22, 2000
"Doing the Legislature's duty for it" Oct 14, 2000
Poll shows promise for A Promise to Keep as Gimme Lobby prepares ad blitz Oct 14, 2000
Gov. Cellucci Shreds Gimme Lobby's "Debt" Tactic Oct 13, 2000
They'd Shamelessly Now Have Us Believe They're "Worried About the State's 'Debt'"!  Oct 11, 2000
National Education Association spends $350,000; increased dues targeted to oppose Question 4 Oct 8, 2000
New Mass. Taxpayers Foundation analysis calls Question 4 affordable Oct 3, 2000
Evil walks among us: It's called the Gimme Lobby Sep 28, 2000
Another Gimme Lobby "independent report": A call for class-warfare Sep 26, 2000
Mass. profits from states that didn't spend fast enough Sep 25, 2000
Gimme Lobby imports another "non-partisan think-tank" to oppose keeping the promise Sep 23, 2000
Gimme Lobby bites the hand that feeds it Sep 19, 2000
Taxpayers to Gimme Lobby: Let us afford to heat our homes and families ourselves! Sep 17, 2000
Ballot committees file OCPF finance reports (Promise Finance Report Numbers) Sep 9, 2000

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