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"For the Children"
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The "For the Children" Education Project

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Updated: 25 Sep 2014

Introduction - Why We Must Save the Children

# 01 - Purpose and Goals of the CLT&G "For the Children" Education Project
# 02 - Why "For the Children"?
# 03 - What is the Massachusetts Teachers Association?  "Know thy enemy."
# 04 - Who is the Massachusetts Teachers Association?   Put a Face on the Enemy.
# 05 - 1 in 3 Teacher Prospects May Flunk State Tests.
# 06 - Massachusetts Senators, Educators, Travel to China for Training
# 07 - "Scatterbrained" Teacher Plan
# 08 - Teachers Unions: Are the Schools Run for Them?
# 09 - The Education Money Pit

# 10 - Dumbing Down Teachers
Mar 27, 2000
- Selfish Teachers Union Hardly "For the Children"
Jun 16, 2003 - When teacher's out, by the Lawrence Eagle Tribune


  Updated: 25 Sep 2014

Honest Education Links and Information

Education Intelligence Agency; EIA Communiqués

The Michigan Education Association: Helping or Hurting Education?
Sample of above:  Teachers Disagree with Union Policies and Activities

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Alternative Teacher Organizations: Evolution of Professional Associations

Massachusetts: Education Profile

Massachusetts Department of Education

National Center for Education Statistics

School Choice Programs; 1998

Heartland Institute - School Reform News

Fordham Foundation on School Choice and Vouchers

Vouchers and Educational Freedom: A Debate

Public Schools: Make Them Private by Milton Friedman

Why Schools Fail by Bruce Goldberg

Alexis de Tocqueville Institution
Sample from above:   Institution Attacked by NEA President

Texas Education Consumers Association
From above:   Terminology Every Parent Must Understand

Massachusetts News

Opposition to Honest Education Links

Massachusetts Teachers Association

Education Week on the Web
From above:    Sample Excerpts from Aug. 5, 1998 issue

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