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Report #4

Who is The Massachusetts Teachers Association?

From time to time we receive communications from our members who have individually reached out and touched the MTA then reported the contact with us.   (You recall the scam we reported concerning one MTA official, Michael P. Sireci, alleged "consultant" from Auburn, perpetrated on an innocent signer of our petition, claiming he was from the Town of Bolton, there to ascertain that the signer was a registered voter so that her and her husband's signature would count.)  As these contacts come to our attention, we will continue to post them here for your information.

Michael P. Sireci -
Andy Linebaugh -
Who's Next . . . ?

Who were the "Objectors" to the Promise Petition?

Jim R. St. George 72 Winter Street Arlington, MA  02174
Carol Brill 74 Horace Road Belmont, MA  02178
Mary L. Garrity 6 Pennybrook Gardens Saugus, MA  01906
John W. Hamilton 42 Walnut Street, #1 Somerville, MA  02143
Deahdra Butler-Henderson 12 Pleasanton Street Dorchester, MA  02121

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