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Report #3

The Massachusetts Teachers Association
(Why are we taxpayers paying for one of their websites?)

We will be further researching just who and what is the Massachusetts Teachers Association; who they are, what they do -- and what they are supposed to be doing.  The following information was provided by our education investigator, who will continue to provide us additional information on a regular basis as she digs it up.

She advises us that if you want a copy of MTA's IRS Form 990: Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax, you first need a copy of IRS Form 4506A: Request for Public Inspection or Copy of Exempt Organization Tax Form (I.R.S. Adobe Acrobat PDF file available here).  All the instructions are on this single-sheet form.  Send your request to the correct district office (which for Massachusetts is Holtsville, NY 00501).  The IRS will charge you 15 cents a page for copies (a full 990 has about 10 pages).

As of 1995 --  the latest information year which she currently has on hand -- the MTA had 14 managerial employees for whom we have no pay information.  You can safely assume, however, that they were all making more than the professional staff.

MTA had 44 UniServ managers, staff and assistants.  Most of them (though exactly how many is impossible to say with the current information) are considered "professional staff" and belong to a staff union.  Their salary is pursuant to the contract the staff union works out with the MTA bosses.

For 1995, the average MTA professional staffer earned $77,139 in salary alone.  That was the 7th highest average for NEA state affiliate staff in the nation.  We have no information on benefits just yet, but experience tells us that 1/3rd of salary is a good estimate for annual benefits.  The 1995 average was up from $72,708 in 1994, and $70,957 in 1993.

Secretaries, UniServ assistants, researchers, receptionists, etc., are considered to be "support staff" and are represented by a different staff union.  We have no information on how many support staffers there are, but a good estimate would be about the same number as there are professionals.

This would leave you with 44 support staffers, for a total estimated MTA work force of approximately 102.

The average support staff salary for 1995 was $37,498, which ranked 5th among support staff in the nation.  That average was down from $37,709 in 1994.  In 1993, the average was $35,434.  Remember, an average will decrease if a long-time employee retires and is replaced by someone lower on the salary scale.

These statistics were collected and provided by the National Education Association, MTA's parent group, so there is no reason to doubt their veracity.

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