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Now that we are aware that there is not just an opponent, but an ENEMY out there, we should arm ourselves with as much knowledge of that enemy as we can for the next battle. And rest assured, there will be many confrontations ahead between the citizenry and this insatiable enemy, for it represents everything that is wrong with government of today.

It is not all teachers themselves who are the enemies -- though god knows, the enemy couldn't exist without feeding off their supine and tacit support.  The teachers of America could end this war today and free the nation from the choke-hold of their union bosses, if they could but muster the courage. But they fear our enemy -- their master -- as much as we loathe it.

It was the
Massachusetts Teachers Association that, with a million dollars of its members' dues, killed "The Promise" and insured that we taxpayers would continue to bear the burden of the "temporary" tax rate increase. It was the MTA that waged war against passage of Proposition 2 and homeowners of Massachusetts in the late 70s and early 80s, and which will lead the charge to crush it in the days ahead.

Remember, when the teachers next come to your town meeting hat-in-hand pleading for another pay raise, that they through their union killed a promised $600.00 a year tax cut for you, your family, and for themselves. They demonstrated that they don't need a pay raise. All of us, including teachers, could have had one, but for their union.

The teachers union's taxpayer-funded quid pro quo finally has come over the horizon and we must be vigilant for its arrival. The expected quid pro quo is called the "Rule of 90." If passed by the Legislature, teachers will be able to add up their age and years of service, and when the total hits 90 they can retire with an 80 percent pension.  (ie., someone who starts teaching at age 24 would retire with maximum pension at the age of 57.)

In a recent interview on the legislation, Barbara remarked: "You're asking older teachers to move out of the way at a time when some younger ones are coming in supposedly semi-literate."

Now we have learned that just over 60 percent of prospective teachers can pass the new certification test -- and still don't know how many current teachers would pass, if similarly tested. And we wonder why the children are having learning problems and "graduating" as functional illiterates?

This "Rule of 90" will cost an estimated $103 million to $115 million more a year.  According to state Rep. Thomas M. McGee (D-Lynn), the chief sponsor of the bill, an increase in retirement contributions to 10 percent is supposed to cover most of this cost, but he acknowledges that it will cost us taxpayers another $20 million to make up the difference.

Sure, and the Big Dig will cost taxpayers only $2.5 billion we were PROMISED.   [McGee has an MTA Rating of 90%, and a CLT&G Rating of 25%, so you can see who he's working for.]

"The best thing to do for the children," Barbara further replied, "is put this money towards maintaining the buildings that are falling around their ears."

The "Rule of 90" is now before the House Ways and Means Committee.  Here comes the Quo and now we know why the teachers union invested that million dollars of its members' dues to kill "The Promise"; it was the Quid!

Taxpayers don't need to pay more for substandard, shoddy service that ruins the lives of our children.

We need education consumer protection; a "Lemon Law" for students and parents.

All teachers should be tested annually, and each teacher's salary should then be adjusted for their resulting test score. Those scoring 100 percent would get to keep their full salary; those scoring 80 percent would get a 20 percent pay cut; those scoring 70 percent should receive a 30 percent reduction in their salaries, etc.

We must save the children!

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