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Lost and Found
Congressman Tierney's "Community Meeting"

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Massachusetts' 6th District U.S. Congressman John Tierney finally faced his constituents today at what he called a community meeting, held at Salem State College.  It began at 10 am and ran until about 11:45.  Questions from the audience where chosen at random by lottery, each constituent given a ticket for the drawing.

Many pooled their tickets so that Republican challenger Bill Hudak could have an opportunity to question the incumbent congressman. He had his chance early in the Q&A period, challenging Tierney to debate the important issues here and now.  Tierney declined until closer to the general election.

As expected, Tierney opened the meeting with his list of his and Congress's accomplishments, but most of the audience wasn't buying it -- polite laughter and 0ccasional jeering interrupted many of his statements and claims. Tierney vowed to advocate for single-payer and the public option, despite polls showing Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to this massive government takeover of their health care.

My observation:  Whoever controls the microphone controls the event. Tierney was wired for sound (see the last photo, below), while Hudak and others weren't allowed to touch a microphone -- possessively clutched by a Tierney aide. Ask a question and get "blah, blah, blah" as a response, "Next question."

-- Photos and captions by Chip Ford

The Tierney welcome message on a screen above the stage. Congressman John Tierney, praising himself and the U.S. Congress. The audience, from the back of the auditorium.
Bill Hudak challenges Tierney to a debate. Note the Tierney aide's white-knuckle grip on the microphone. The Congressman declines to engage. Tierney lectures challenger Hudak, responding to his statement and questions. Drat, the microphone's been taken away -- discussion over.
  Rep. Tierney, a loose wire on display.  
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