A Ballot Committee of Citizens for Limited Taxation


The Boston Herald
Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Layabout hack's nightmare: the morning after Question 4 
by Howie Carr

Question 4 is a no-brainer. Would you prefer a pay raise of almost 1 percent -- ($451 for the average family of four)? Or would you rather turn that $451 over to be spent by, among others, the Animal House Legislature, the Bulgers and Jane Swift?

Unless you're a hack or a union thug, how can you not be for a cut in the state income tax, which is, I repeat, a pay raise for all of us? And by the way, this cut back from 5.85 to 5 percent is only what the Dukakoids promised when they first passed the ``temporary'' tax increase back in 1989?

Just for starters, here are some people who don't want you to reclaim your $451. These hacks think it's their money, and if you don't vote YES, they're right, because your loot is going to continue to flow directly into their pockets.

A few people who want you to vote NO:

John Harrington. He needs your money for Fenway Park.

Jim Kerasiotes. He needs your money for his legal-defense fund.

Jane Swift. She needs your money for her babysitters and her helicopter.

The Bechtels, Riley and Steve. Their company runs the Big Dig, and they're only worth $6 billion. Help them get to $7 bil.

Judge Maria Lopez. She needs to make sure Ebony keeps on keepin' on.

Judge Linda Giles. She needs to make our junior highs safe for little boys in drag who like to grab other boys by their buttocks.

Senate President Tom Birmingham. He needs the money for his state-employed wife who makes $135,000.

Think about that $451 of yours. The hacks said they only needed it for an "emergency." Now the emergency's over, has been for about eight years now, and they still can't let loose of  your wallet.

Here are a few more of the people who want you to vote NO on Question 4 because they "need" your $451:

Jean Bulger Holland, Whitey's sister, who is giving up on her attempts to claim the reputed killer's millions, and must now scrap by on her niggardly state pension, because God knows her brother the Corrupt Midget Billy can't afford to help her out of his $289,000 state salary as president of UMass.

Attorney General Tom Reilly. He's feeling very poor since he had to give back the $200 campaign contribution he received in 1998 from reputed racketeer John Connolly.

Ex-House Speaker David Bartley will be voting no on Question 4, lest the return of your $451 adversely impact his $127,050-a-year salary as president of Holyoke Community College (plus a $15,000 housing allowance).

Who else wants you to vote NO on Question 4?

Mobbed-up Teamster boss George Cashman. He needs the dough to pay off the Massport credit-card bills he runs up on his Hollywood junkets to cajole producers into shooting here in Massachusetts, where they can be muscled into renting Steve Flemmi's apartments in the Back Bay.

Worcester County District Attorney John Conte wants flush state budgets, not only to look for Molly Bish, but also in case he has any more relatives like his son Tim, who started last year as an $18,000-a-year filing clerk at the courthouse and now makes over $66,000 a year as an assistant clerk-magistrate.

They need your money, don't you understand. You must vote NO on Question 4, lest some hack somewhere have to go out and actually ... get a job.

Why can't the payroll patriots bankrolling this no effort come out and tell the truth that what they want is what they've always wanted -- a free ride.

But now, trailing badly in the polls, the hacks need a new spokesman for their efforts to deep-six Question 4 and keep the hackerama hacking. They need the hacko di tutti hacki. M. Stanley Dukakis, come on down.

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