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Citizens Economic Research Foundation

Governor Romney's Thank You Letter to CLT
for our help with repealing the unconscionable
Retroactive Capital Gains Tax

December 22, 2005

CLT has long been involved in the capital gains tax issue, since even before the Legislature traded it off to Governor Weld in 1994, in exchange for its 55 percent pay raise.  Below is a history of some of CLT's involvement.

2005 Roll Call Vote

Select References to CLT's direct involvement
CLT Update - Mar 10, 1998
An Open Response to the Senate President
Barbara's Column - August 2, 1999
Capital Gains Tax: Another Broken Promise
CLT NEWS RELEASE - Mar 12, 2002
A Fiscal Policy False Choice
Memo to the Legislature
CLT UPDATE - Jun 19, 2002
Dirty little budget 'secrets' begin to surface
CLT UPDATE - Jul 7, 2002
"It's time to fight back!"
CLT UPDATE - May 8, 2004
Tax-and-Spend Caucus in overdrive
CLT UPDATE - May 15, 2004
On bandits, blowhards and bullies
CLT NEWS RELEASE - Apr 7, 2004
Tax Freedom Day is earlier this year
Mass. 4th-latest in the nation
CLT UPDATE - Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Tomorrow the tax man cometh
Barbara's Column - Apr 16, 2004
Nice place to visit, but you might not want to invest here
Barbara's Column - May 12, 2005
Small wonder smart businesses choose to invest their money elsewhere
CLT UPDATE - Jun 9, 2005
CLT UPDATE - Jun 10, 2005
Gov. Romney, CLT support capital gains tax fairness
CLT UPDATE - Jun 16, 2005
Democrats in Legislature swing at strike three in capital gains fiasco
CLT UPDATE - Oct 7, 2005
"Donít speak when you can nod,
donít nod when you can wink" and now,
donít vote when you can dodge
Barbara's Column - Nov 10, 2005
Strategic chaos reigns
CLT UPDATE - Nov 17, 2005
Legislature almost went home for good ... then changed its mind
Barbara's Column - Nov 17, 2005
Morally wrong, ethically unsound
CLT UPDATE - Nov 19, 2005
Joined by CLT members, Gov calls for fairness
on retroactive cap gains tax
CLT UPDATE - Nov 22, 2005
"Institutional memory" or voters:
which should be institutionalized?
CLT UPDATE - Dec 1, 2005
Retro Tax fight continues behind the Beacon Hill scene
CLT ALERT! - Dec 1, 2005
Retro Tax scrapped today!
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concerning the Retroactive Capital Gains Tax

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