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CLT Update
Thursday, November 18, 1999

Except for the City of Boston -- where we still need petitioners to be working through the weekend to insure our success -- it's all over but for the pick-up at every city and town hall later this month, then the final count on November 30th.

From what we've seen and delivered and heard about that volunteers dropped off themselves, the feeling is good that we've turned in enough signatures to not only qualify, but -- as far as I'm concerned after the last nightmare experience, even better yet -- to prevent another teachers union challenge well into next spring, and if need be, to handily win it if they try.

If you dropped off petitions with city and town clerks yourself, send us the receipt at the above address. Do NOT go back to pick them up (you'll only confuse our system). Our drivers will "sweep" the city and town halls when ALL our petitions have been certified and bring EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM in to us for the final count.

Again, thanks to all of you who actually stepped away from your computers, turned off the TVs, and participated in the first step of liberating the taxpayers of Massachusetts from a broken promise and years of tax over-payments. Thanks for actually doing something constructive. We couldn't have accomplished it without your hands-on activism!

Most taxpayers will never appreciate what you selflessly did for them, how much they're about to save every year thanks to you, your commitment, and your sacrifice ... but here at CLT, we certainly do!

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Chip Ford

November 17, 1999

As the Legislature puts in one of its first full days of work this year, spending the over-collection of income tax revenue, taxpayers who work full-time all year completed their petition drive to rollback the income tax rate to 5 percent.

The constitutional deadline for turning in signatures on initiative petitions was 5 PM today. Governor Cellucci's team and CLT activists spent the day driving to city and town halls across the commonwealth dropping off petitions to be certified by city/town clerks. We have five extra days to collect signatures in Boston.

We need 57,100 certified signatures. Between us, we have over 100,000 "raw" signatures for the tax rollback. With an additional amount in Boston, we hope to have enough certified signatures to discourage a Massachusetts Teachers Association challenge.

If we are successful on the 2000 ballot, we will prevent some of the Legislature's over-collecting, over-spending and over-riding in the future.

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