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CLT Update
Friday, October 29, 1999


This is Malls Weekend and tax rollback petition volunteers will be staffing tables at a dozen malls across the state.

Gov. Cellucci will be at the Natick Mall on Saturday morning at 10:00 AM, and WRKO's Howie Carr will be helping out at the Burlington Mall on Saturday afternoon from 1:00 - 3:00.

Barbara Anderson, who will be working at the Northshore Mall over the weekend, will be on Howie's program (680 AM in the Boston area) announcing our locations at 6:05 this evening.

CLT and the Republican's Tax Rollback Committee will offer petitions for registered voters to sign at the following locations:

Burlington Mall * Burlington

Cape Cod Mall * Hyannis

Dedham Mall * Dedham

Hanover Mall * Hanover

Holyoke Mall at Ingleside * Holyoke

Independence Mall * Kingston

Liberty Tree Mall * Danvers

Natick Mall * Framingham

Northshore Mall * Peabody

Solomon Pond Mall * Marlboro

South Shore Plaza * Braintree

Westgate Mall * Brockton

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Chip Ford

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As always, thanks to those of you already with us who are out there practicing the only means of political self-defense remaining, collecting signatures for the initiative petition process.


Income Tax Rollback Campaign to Haunt the Malls
on Halloween Weekend

Volunteer petitioners including Governor Paul Cellucci will be haunting Massachusetts malls on Saturday, October 30th and Sunday October 31st, looking for signatures on their initiative petition to rollback the 5.95% income tax rate to 5 percent over three years.

Citizens for Limited Taxation and the state Republican Party will be staffing tables at 12 malls from Cape Cod to Holyoke with petitioners who will be asking mall shoppers, "Taxes or Treat?" Legislative tricksters who promised in 1989 that the income tax rate increase would be temporary will be haunted by their broken promise come November 2000, when voters can have the opportunity to keep the promise for them.

The Tax Rollback petitioners need 57,100 certified signatures by December 1st. Their goal is to submit at least 100,000 "raw" signatures to the city and town halls on the November 17th deadline (Nov. 22nd in Boston only) to avoid a challenge from the goblins in the Massachusetts Teachers Association and the Tax Equity Alliance of Massachusetts.

Governor Cellucci will be at the Natick Mall at 10:00 AM on Saturday to kick off the drive's one official Mall Weekend. However, petitioners have been circulating petitions at local shopping centers, banks and town dumps and around neighborhoods since mid-September. CLT Director of Operations Chip Ford and Petition Drive Coordinator Chip Faulkner report that many petitions have been turned in, others are already at the city/town halls, and many are still being circulated by individual petitioners. "The Mall Weekend is a big part of our overall effort," said Ford, "and we are looking for thousands of shoppers to stop by our tables and sign the petition."


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