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CLT Update
Friday, September 24, 1999


All petition packages were mailed out to our volunteers on Monday, September 20th. We received confirmation that some arrived as soon as the following day.

If you have volunteered to help yourself by helping us keep the promise and roll back the 1989 "temporary" income tax increase by collecting signatures on our petitions, you should have received your package.

If you have not, call Chip Faukner at (508) 384-0100.

If you have not volunteered yet ... it is not too late for you! Click on the link below and sign on. The money you save not only might but will be your own ... year, after year, after year ...!

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Chip Ford


-- MEMO --

To:  Tax Rollback Committee and petition drive distribution list

From:  Barbara Anderson and Chip Ford

Date:  September 21, 1999

Re:  Report on Phase One of CLT's participation

The initiative petition for an income tax rollback was approved by the Attorney General and delivered to the Secretary of State for printing. The Tax Rollback Committee did an excellent job of preparing the petition and doing the necessary paperwork.

While we waited for the petitions to be available, CLT prepared for its part of the volunteer effort. In early July, Chip Faulkner began calling our key activists, and in late July we sent a letter requesting volunteers to our 8,000 members. We then called those who responded and asked for a signature pledge. By September 1 we had a list of over 600 volunteers, so were able to pledge 30,000 certified signatures to the fall campaign at that time.

Since then, we have added more names to the list, for a September 21 total of 700. We are confident that the 75,269 raw signatures pledged will translate to at least 35,000 certified signatures [exceeding our pledge commitment].

We met with Republican campaign leaders at the Republican State Committee office on July 7, July 23, August 17, and September 1. [State Republican Party executive director] John Brockelman and [Tax Rollback Committee director] Paul Melkonian have visited our office in Marblehead, and we met here with Rick Arnold and Susan Johnson of National Voter Outreach on September 15.

The first problem we encountered was caused by the hurricane on the evening of the Tax Rollback Committee's (TRC) campaign kick-off (September 16), and the second by a breakdown of the printer that was putting numbers on the "G" petitions to be used by TRC and CLT volunteers. When the petitions still weren't ready by Friday afternoon (September17), CLT took them to our printer in Wilmington, who also agreed to do the rest of the TRC numbering.

We picked up 7,000 petition sheets (numbers 1,001 - 8,000) Monday morning (September 20) and by 4:00 PM over 3,000 requested forms in our petition packages were mailed to our 700 volunteers.

CLT has 42 volunteer coordinators around the state for our petition drive, who are expected to keep in touch with the volunteers in their areas throughout the campaign. A mailing went out Wednesday to these coordinators, giving them the names, addresses and phone numbers of the volunteers in their districts, along with a sample news release.


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