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CLT Update
Tuesday, April 27, 1999

Did you see our full-page ad on page 11 in today's Boston Herald? The Herald did a great job with it!

Now let unscrupulous Beacon Hill pols try to deny at their own peril that a promise was made, for the truth is revealed and today we have put it in the hands of hundreds of thousands of their constituents across the state!

The vote on House Speaker Finneran's measly two-tenths of one percent cut in the income tax rate will be voted on by the full House tomorrow. It's time to pull out the stops and demand that the entire "temporary" increase be removed and the flat five percent rate finally be restored as promised in 1989, ten years ago.

Please call your representative in the House and let them hear the "clamor" they deny exists. Tell him or her that you want the promise kept and the rate returned to five percent.

Along with your calls and e-mail messages, CLT also is providing pressure. Our second memo this week (below) is being delivered to every member of the House today.

Chip Ford --


To:  Members of the Massachusetts House
       April 27, 1999

Can you keep a promise?

The Massachusetts House passed a "temporary" income tax rate increase in 1989 (see our full-page ad in today's Boston Herald). It's time to roll back the income tax rate as promised.

Some of you were here in 1989 and voted against the tax increase. Thank you, and please reiterate your support for the 5 percent rate now.

Some of you were here in 1989 and voted for the temporary tax increase. It's time now to keep your promise that the rate increase would be temporary.

Some of you were elected after the 1989 vote. Taxpayers were assured in 1989 that the temporary tax would be used to pay off the deficit bonds. That could not happen until after another election, so obviously taxpayers needed to trust the Legislature as a body to keep its word, no matter who was in office when the time came to reduce the rate. It's time for you to keep the Legislature's word, to help polish its reputation.

We're glad Speaker Finneran supports a reduction in the income tax rate. However, 5.95 percent to 5.75 is but a token cut. We taxpayers first paid the tax increase retroactively for Tax Year 1989, and we just paid it for Tax Year 1998. We should not have to pay it again for Tax Year 1999. The Legislature is long overdue in keeping its word. The rate should be reduced immediately to 5 percent for the present tax year.

However, since we don't expect this to happen, our CLT bill drops the rate to 5.6 percent for Tax Year 1999. If you must keep the promise one year at a time, then 5.6 percent is the least you can do this year.

The state has another surplus this year. It has accumulated surpluses from past years. The tobaccosettlement is on its way. The time to keep the Legislature's promise is now.

We hope you will vote to amend the Speaker's proposal to lower the rate to 5.6 percent in 1999, to 5.3 in 2000, and finally back to 5 percent in 2001.

Thank you for your attention.

"He was ever precise in promise-keeping." -- Shakespeare

"I defy the boldest liar among travelers to say that he has ever encountered a country or tribe where it is laudable to break one's word." -- Voltaire

"Undertake not what you cannot perform but be careful to keep your promise." -- Proverb

"But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep." -- Frost

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