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CLT Update
Saturday, January 16, 1999

The Boston Globe
Saturday, January 16, 1999

Cellucci pledges local aid increase
By Tina Cassidy and Frank Phillips
Globe Staff

Governor Paul Cellucci yesterday pledged $4.4 billion in local aid, a $200 million increase over last year.

In a speech before the Massachusetts Municipal Association, Cellucci said the funding, the largest amount ever given to cities and towns, would be included in the budget he submits to the Legislature Jan. 27.

He also said education reform would be fully funded, with a $262 million annual increase. Another $41 million would be added to help build 58 schools.

Cellucci said he could contribute an additional $12 million for after-school programs, for a total of $20 million for the year.

$200 million
$262 million
$41 million
$12 million

Proposed spending increase: 

$515 million

From the Wednesday, January 13th CLT Update:

The American Legislative Exchange Council just issued the following analysis of state spending as a relation to personal income, and found:

"Since 1996, the New England states, with the exception of Massachusetts, have exhibited a return to fiscal discipline, reducing state spending as a share of personal income.

"Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine have exhibited the most dramatic turnaround. All three began the period as profligate states, spending more than 10 percent of residents' income. Since 1996, however, all three have cut the share of personal income consumed by government.

"In Massachusetts, however, state spending continues to outpace the growth in personal income. Since 1994, state spending as a share of personal income increased more than 28 percent."

From the Thursday, January 7th CLT Update:

It took 207 years from when the Massachusetts Constitution was ratified in 1780 to reach a $10 billion budget in 1987.

It has taken only a dozen years more to double it to $20 billion!

And still the Gimme Lobby cries out for more and ever more of our hard-earned money for their still "unmet needs."

Think about it.

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