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Thursday, July 19, 2001

"Multiple-Choice" Joyce;
no "man of the people"

[State Senator Brian] Joyce said he works for residents, not lobbyists.

"I don't work for them [CLT]," he said. "I work for the people of the Suffolk and Norfolk district.

CLT targets Joyce on taxes
The Patriot Ledger
Jul. 18, 2001
[full report below]

Dig out the hip boots, folks; the BS is getting deeper!

"Multiple-Choice" Joyce yesterday again asserted that he works for the people of his district, "not lobbyist."

He didn't have to sponsor the tax rollback bill while he was in the House -- he chose to sponsor it with our blessing.

Nobody asked "Multiple-Choice" Joyce -- the self-described "tax dragon-slayer" -- to seek the CLT political action committee's endorsement when he ran for the state senate; but he sought it, certainly felt it was an advantage to have, and he touted that advantage at every opportunity during his campaign (see excerpts below).

This self-proclaimed "man of the people" was elected to the Senate and immediately voted against the tax rollback, after championing it in the House and running on it during his campaign.

So how did the "residents" of the congressional district he aspires to represent vote last November?

According to CLT PAC Director Chip Faulkner: "Along with part of Boston, the Ninth Congressional District contains 14 towns and cities: Needham, Dedham, Milton, Braintree, Westwood, Randolph, Medfield, Walpole, Norwood, Canton, Stoughton, Easton, Brockton, and Taunton. (The 9th covers only parts of Brockton and Easton)

"Every one of these 14 communities voted for the state income tax rollback.

"The collective 'yes' vote was 59.2 percent which was very close to the statewide average of 59.4 percent."

It looks to me like "Multiple-Choice" Joyce works for the senate president, or his personal ambition through grabbing votes any way he can -- but he most certainly doesn't work for the people of his district. Those he simply plays for suckers and fools.

If you're in the 9th Congressional District, will you be the next victim of his naked opportunism?

If he's elected, Democrat House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt will surely appreciate having another sheep to add to his Congressional flock!

Chip Ford


The Patriot Ledger
Dec. 3, 1997
Senate candidates square off

By John Madden

"... Joyce, who has been endorsed by the anti-tax group Citizens for Limited Taxation and Government, later pointed out that he is the only Senate candidate who supports reducing the state income tax from 5.95 to 5 percent. ..."

The Boston Sunday Herald
Dec. 7, 1997
Candidates come out swinging

By Wayne Woodlief

"Rep. Brian Joyce of Milton ... favors cutting the income tax rate from 5.95 percent to 5 percent.... And he proudly touted his endorsement by Citizens for Limited Taxation..."

The Boston Globe
Jul. 18, 2001
Antitax group targets Joyce; Cites change on rollback

By Yvonne Abraham

"In a debate during the campaign for Senate in 1997, one of his opponents, Boston City Councilor Maureen Feeney, challenged Joyce's oft-made claim that he was the only state representative to sponsor a bill to lower the state income tax.

"Joyce bristled, arguing that he'd sponsored a rollback bill on his first day in office, and that he stood alone among legislators in his advocacy of the rate reduction. He said the 5.95 percent rate was supposed to be temporary, and that the state should honor that, repeating rollback advocates mantra."

The Patriot Ledger
(Quincy, Mass.)
Wednesday, July 18, 2001

CLT targets Joyce on taxes
By Joy Davis

First they told you he'd changed his position on abortion to get more votes.

Now State Sen. Brian A. Joyce's critics are going to tell you he can't be trusted because he dropped his support for a tax rollback once he got into office in 1998.

"If this guy switches on this issue, he could switch on any issue, said Chip Faulkner, associate director of Citizens for Limited Taxation, "It doesn't say much for his conviction. I don't think he can be trusted."

But Joyce said it proves he's thinking about what's best for his constituents. In the case of the tax rollback, he said he chose to vote for a plan that would give more money back to people making $70,000 a year or less.

Joyce, of Milton, is running for the 9th District congressional seat, which was held by the late Joseph Moakley until his deat in May. A primary election for the seat will be held Sept. 11, followed by the general election Oct. 16.

State senators and Democrats Stephen F. Lynch of South Boston, Cheryl Jacques of Needham and Marc Pacheco of Taunton are also running for the seat. William Sinnot, a Hyde Park resident with strong ties to the South Shore, quit his job as an assistant U.S. attorney last week to enter the race. Sen. Joanne Sprague of Walpole is the only Republican candidate in the race so far.

The district runs from Taunton to Boston, and includes Milton, Braintree, Canton, Randolph and Stoughton.

Joyce's campaign hit its first controversy in June when his new position on abortion became public. Although he personally opposes abortion and urges families to seek other alternatives, he now believes the government should not dictate whether abortion is legal.

Now Citizens for Limited Taxation is joining the fray. The group plans to remind its 1,200 or so members living in the 9th District that Joyce changed his position on rolling back taxes in 1998.

Faulkner said Joyce was an ardent supporter of the tax rollback while running for his senate seat in late 1997.

But by May 1998, he'd changed his position and supported Senate President Thomas F. Birmingham's bill.

Faulkner said the plan supported by Citizens for Limited Taxation would have returned more money to the public than Birmingham's bill did.

Joyce said he works for residents, not lobbyists.

"I don't work for them," he said. "I work for the people of the Suffolk and Norfolk district.

For more information:

CLT withdraws its PAC endorsement of Sen. Brian Joyce
May 21, 1998

Tax group withdraws Joyce endorsement
By Lauren Markoe
Patriot Ledger State House Bureau
May 23, 1998

If you live in Sen. Joyce's senate district,
or the 9th Congressional District,
here's his contact information:

State Senator Brian A. Joyce



3rd term 
Occupation: Attorney
District: Suffolk and Norfolk
District Office: 38 Ridge Road, Milton, MA 02186
District Telephone: 617-696-0200
Staff: Alissa Benway, Legislative Director
State House Telephone: 617-722-1643

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