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CLT&G withdraws its PAC endorsement
of Sen. Brian Joyce

For Immediate Release
Thursday, May 21, 1998

For Further Information Contact:
Francis "Chip" Faulkner - (617) 248-0022

Citizens for Limited Taxation & Government

Senator Brian A. Joyce
38 Ridge Road
Milton, MA 02186

Senator Joyce:

Please be informed that because of your May 19 vote against the rollback of the 5.95 percent income tax rate to 5 percent, CLT&G's 2 Political Action Committee is withdrawing the endorsement it gave you during your special election battle late last year.

When you faced a tough race, you asked for our support.  Because you had been the only Democrat to sign on to our "A Promise to Keep: 5%" bill, and had been so vocal in your support for rolling back the rate to the promised 5 percent, we were happy to endorse you.  Your sponsorship of our bill was carried prominently in your campaign ads (see your tax "dragon-fighter" campaign ad, reverse), and I'm sure helped you win your present seat.

Now that you feel secure in the power of the incumbency, you feel free to break both your commitment to us and the promise made to your constituents by the Legislature in 1989 that the income tax rate increase would be "temporary." I know you were assured by the Senate leadership that the promise didn't count because "one legislature cannot bind the next," but we provided you with substantial data proving that the public was clearly told that the tax increase would be temporary, despite the certainty of new legislators being elected before the 5 percent rate was restored.

We are embarrassed by our support of you, and sincerely regret the false impression we unwittingly gave Suffolk & Norfolk voters about your commitment to the taxpayers.

We don't ask perfection of the politicians we endorse, and have often overlooked a legislator's occasional vote against the taxpayers when his or her overall rating was high. However, you are apparently following the pattern of other Democrats we endorsed as they moved from the House to the Senate, who rarely if ever voted pro-taxpayer again.

Regardless, we do not wish to be associated with politicians who break promises. Please refrain from using our 1996 or 1997 endorsements in your fall campaign. If we see our name used to again deceive voters, we will create an ad showing a dragon labeled Joyce devouring a taxpayer.


/s/ Francis J. "Chip" Faulkner
Executive Director,

[ Reverse side ]

The Boston Sunday Herald
December 7, 1997

Candidates come out swinging
By Wayne Woodlief

"Rep. Brian Joyce of Milton ... favors cutting the income tax rate from 5.95 percent to 5 percent. ... And he proudly touted his endorsement by Citizens for Limited Taxation and Government. ..."

The Patriot Ledger
December 3, 1997

Senate candidates square off
By John Madden

"... Joyce, who has been endorsed by the anti-tax group Citizens for Limited Taxation and Government, later pointed out that he is the only Senate candidate who supports reducing the state income tax from 5.95 to 5 percent. ..."

[ Joyce the Tax "Dragon-Slayer" campaign flier placed here ]

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