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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Call your State Senator immediately!

The state Senate is expected to take up H 4546, the so-called "community benefits districts" bill, either today or tomorrow.  It has already been passed in the House by an unanimous vote.

State House News Service
Tuesday, July 17, 2018

...The Senate could also act Tuesday on a bill (H 4546) that overwhelmingly passed the House in May to allow property owners to form districts and levy assessments to pay for improvements within them.

Through community benefit districts, property owners in a neighborhood can establish a non-profit board to provide additional services -- like more security, new signage, beautification efforts or cultural activities -- funded through an assessment on the other property owners in the district.

The House passed what Ways and Means Chairman Jeffrey Sanchez called a compromise bill 149-2 in May. The Legislature included community benefit district authorization in the fiscal 2018 budget bill. Gov. Charlie Baker vetoed it and called the assessments "the functional equivalent of new property taxes." ...

If you want to stop it, call you state senator right now!

To find your STATE SENATOR

For more information on the "community benefits districts" bill see CLT's news release below.

CLT News Release
June 1, 2018
NO to New Neighborhood Taxation

Chip Ford
Executive Director


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