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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Barbara Anderson videos now available, more to come

Chip Ford's CLT Commentary

Last month, after we held our "Celebration of Life" remembrance of Barbara Anderson, I promised we'd make available videos of the event for those who could not attend, and those who attended but wanted a look.  The event and a few other videos of Barbara's efforts for taxpayers over the decades are now available, and more will follow.

During the preparation of the remembrance I had requests out to many of our friends in the media for old TV video and radio recordings of Barbara's many appearances over so long, expecting this wouldn't be a problem.  The time was running out and nobody had come up with anything.  With exactly one week to go and little hope in sight, while looking for something else up in the CLT storage room I stumbled upon an old box, buried under a bunch of other boxes and accumulated stuff.  I dug it out, wondering what it contained and to my astonishment it was full of old VHS tapes dating back to the mid-80s, a long forgotten cardboard treasure chest containing, I'm estimating, a hundred or two hours of Barbara's appearances!

I didn't have a working VCR player, but remembered Barbara had an old picture-tube TV with a built-in VCR and DVD player but that her son Lance had put it out on the curb with a lot of other "junk" for the taking while he was out here from Nevada the week before.  On a long shot, I walked next door to see if by chance it might still be there, and found it back up on Barbara's front porch covered with a blanket.  I lugged it back to my place, set it up on my kitchen table, and spent the next fourteen hours reviewing a few of the old VHS tapes.  At 4:30 the next morning, the end of my all night viewing marathon, I came across the WGBH/PBS documentary of Barbara's life from the beginning all the way up to CLT's big 1986 ballot question win repealing the Dukakis surtax on the income tax.  "This is it!" I exclaimed to my empty kitchen, startling our cat, Gilgamesh.  "Why couldn't I have come across this first, fourteen hours ago?"  That was Sunday morning, exactly one week before the event.

The next morning I shipped overnight delivery a few of the old tapes and a list of my selections to Ed Corliss, a CLT member and A/V specialist who'd volunteered to put together a presentation for the event using anything I could put my hands on.  He jumped right on the project and amazingly, he had it ready to go by the event.

Meanwhile, another CLT member, Michael Gendre, volunteered to video-record the entire event and he put that together.

On my drive home from Lombardo's of Randolph, I decided to learn how to convert VHS tapes into digital format, edit them, and begin working on the rest of that treasure trove of memories.  I was warned that these VHS tapes, many 30-years old, are at the very end of their shelf life; they should be converted very soon or will be lost.  Everyone needs a hobby, and I'm making progress slowly but surely.  I've converted another dozen recordings to digital format the tip of a virtual iceberg which I'll be adding to my YouTube channel soon I hope.

If you're interested in watching them, here are a few links to what's now available.

Note:  The two-part video of the entire Lombardo's celebration of life event for Barbara contains the WGBH/PBS documentary, but the event video shows the documentary being presented to the audience.  I've converted and made it available separately my first steps in climbing the new learning curve.

WGBH/PBS - Documentary on Barbara's Life - Host: Chris Lydon (Nov, 1986)

Barbara Anderson: A Celebration of Her Life (June 5, 2016), Part 1

Barbara Anderson: A Celebration of Her Life (June 5, 2016), Part 2

Barbara and Chip Ford on Braude/Eagan NECN program - 1997, on merging organizations and lives.

WGBH-IMHO: Remembering Barbara Anderson - Commentary by Jim Braude

Chip Ford
Executive Director


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