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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Chip Faulkner addresses
Attleboro Republican City Committee

Chip Faulkner's CLT Commentary

I was the guest speaker at a meeting of the Attleboro Republican City Committee on Monday evening.  Attleboro has one of the most active and highly-organized committees in the state. They have their own headquarters in a large office just off downtown Attleboro and hold several meetings through the year including a giant summer barbeque that attracts politicians from all over the state. Two of their leaders, Sue Blais and Howard Bibeault have run seminars around the state on procedures to follow in getting elected to the State Legislature.

I started off my talk with how I knew I was in friendly territory because Attleboro had the third highest “yes” vote (71.8%) on our Proposition 2½ ballot question of the 351 Massachusetts cities/towns — only Saugus and Danvers were higher. In fact, about a week or two before that 1980 election there was a huge Prop 2½ rally that packed an Attleboro hall featuring then-CLT board member Ron Graham and me as speakers.

I also reminded the attendees that Prop 2½ was not just about property taxes. CLT’s property tax cap law also includes an almost two-thirds cut in the auto excise, from $66 per thousand of assessed value down to $25 per thousand.  “To put it into perspective,” I explained, “if you have a car valued at $10,000 you would have paid $660 each year, but because of CLT’s ballot question you now pay $250 — a savings of over 400 dollars, every year, year after year — thanks to CLT and so long as Prop 2½ is protected.”

I went on to detail a number of other CLT successes since Proposition 2½ including our successful opposition to the Graduated Income Tax question on the 1994 ballot. I informed the audience of the looming threat of another grad tax ballot question, that signatures are currently being collected to put a constitutional amendment on the 2018 ballot that would graduate the income tax rates. The battle will be re-joined.

Near the end of my talk, I had a friend go through the audience passing out CLT’s latest membership mailing along with donor cards and return-addressed envelopes.  I pointed out to those gathered that CLT is funded entirely by grassroots members and that finances are lower than usual for this time of year – that more contributions are needed quickly to get CLT through the end of 2015.

Next Wednesday evening I'll be the guest speaker at the North Attleboro Republican Town Committee meeting.

Chip Faulkner


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