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Thursday, October 25, 2012

CLT Needs You Now

Greetings members, activists, and supporters:

You should have received CLT's fall fundraising appeal in the mail over the past few days. If you haven't, please watch for it.

This being an election year, we didn't send out our usual quarterly fundraising letters; we reduced the number to only three.  We recognized that many of our members are making contributions to candidates (CLT stepped aside so that its 2 PAC could raise and distribute over $10,000 to support and help elect its endorsed candidates.)  This has put CLT in a critical situation.

Thank you to those 54 who have already responded to this most recent mailing with a contribution.  Maybe after a few more days of incoming mail CLT can begin making its payroll and other operating expenses.

Maybe not.

In the letter, I wrote:  "CLT is now running on empty, even the fumes are gone."

Two weeks ago, after paying for the printing and mailing costs to get that fundraising package out to you and others, CLT ran out of funds completely.

We've never earned much working for CLT, but since the funds ran out there have been no pay checks at CLT  we've been working on nothing but dedication and hope since.  We remaining three staffers are committed to sticking it out through the next twelve days, until Election Day.  After that, Barbara Anderson, Chip Faulkner, and I will need to evaluate the situation based on the response to the mailing or lack of a sufficient response.

Over half of those who have or will receive this fall mailing members-in-good-standing, lapsed members, former members, and those who have requested to be put on our mailing list have not contributed yet to Citizens for Limited Taxation this year, in 2012. This lack of support makes it difficult (if not impossible) to continue being "The Voice of Massachusetts Taxpayers" your lonely voice  on Beacon Hill.

CLT's 38-year run of saving you from higher taxes and often lightening your tax burden may be coming to a sudden end.

Then who will speak for you?

Then who will defend you from the insatiable horde of tax-borrow-and-spenders?

Imagine how much worse Massachusetts would be today without CLT.

Imagine what Taxachusetts will be like tomorrow without CLT.

We hope those who haven't contributed so far this year will do so immediately, to help keep CLT saving you so much of your money.

It's commonly termed "self-interest" just a small investment for a big return that keeps compounding.

Help us decide CLT's immediate future with your response or you will help us decide by your lack of a response.

You'll find the usual response card and return envelope in your mailing. Please mail it back quickly with the most generous contribution you can afford.

Contributions can also be made online by credit card through Paypal by
clicking here

We certainly thank those who've supported our efforts over the decades, especially those who've made a contribution to CLT this year and remain members-in-good-standing.

We hope you'll help CLT continue as The Voice of Massachusetts Taxpayers your voice going into its 39th year.

Thank you for your anticipated support.

Chip Ford
Dir. of Operations

Citizens for Limited Taxation    PO Box 1147    Marblehead, MA 01945    508-915-3665