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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Revolution 2012:
CLT’s 2˝ PAC-endorsed legislative candidates now on CLT website

In Revolution 2010, nineteen of CLT’s 2˝ PAC-endorsed candidates won their races, giving us more taxpayer friends on Beacon Hill. These new legislators joined other CLT allies in ongoing support of the income tax rollback mandated by voters in 2000 and in opposition to EBT abuses; they led the fight against the healthcare “reform” legislation this summer. We taxpayers want more like them.

This year the PAC has endorsed 40 candidates:  23 newcomers, along with 17 incumbents who have a challenger; many of these have also received PAC contributions.

To receive our endorsement, incumbents must have a good CLT rating. New candidates have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and satisfactorily filled out the taxpayer-issues questionnaire.

The Taxpayer Protection Pledge is a promise not to CLT’s PAC — but to their voters/constituents, that a legislator will not vote for higher taxes but will instead fight the waste, inefficiency, corruption and mismanagement in state government, much of which has been exposed by the Massachusetts media (thank you).

Our endorsed candidates are listed in alphabetic order, Senate first, then House, indicated on the left with a check mark for easier identification along with their campaign websites and phone numbers beneath.

Note:  Each candidate's hometown is in parentheses to right of a candidate’s name for identification. To the right of an incumbent's name [in red] is their 2011-2012 CLT rating. To the far right of our endorsed candidate is his or her opponent. On the line below our endorsed candidate is his or her campaign contact information.

PAC-Endorsed Candidates

Francis "Chip" Faulkner
PAC Director