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November 2, 2005

What part of "Illegal Aliens" don't they understand?

To:  The General Court
         November 2, 2005
Re:  In-state tuition for illegal immigrants

What part of "illegal" don’t some people understand?

We will try to keep our sentences short so that Tom Reilly can follow this discussion.

Citizens for Limited Taxation is opposed to rewarding illegal behavior. We support legal immigrants who follow the rules as our grandparents did. But there is a simple fact that everyone, even Tom Reilly, must face. All the people in the world who want to come here, can’t. Period. There have to be limits on, and rules concerning, legal immigration.

Illegal immigrants, by definition, shouldn’t be here in the first place. If they weren’t here their children wouldn’t be getting taxpayer-funded education K-12, never mind college.

If we subsidize something, we get more of it. If we reward illegal behavior, we will get more illegal immigrants. We don’t want to encourage more people to break the law and come here. Break the law. Illegal.

What part of illegal don’t this bill’s sponsors understand?

They say that they want to "open the doors of opportunity." The illegal immigrant tuition bill opens the floodgate to illegal immigration, inviting people from all over the world to break the law to get an education for their kids. All their kids are "deserving," we’re sure. But – they – can’t – all – come – to – Massachusetts to get a taxpayer-funded education.

At some point we have to say No. We say No to the illegal immigrant tuition bill and hope you will vote against it.

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