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Citizens Economic Research Foundation

October 6, 2005

The economy in numbers

The following memo, e-mailed and hand-delivered to each member of the Legislature, was also sent out to the media statewide.

To:  Members of the General Court
         October 6, 2005
Re:  The economy in numbers

16 – The number of years since the Legislature passed the “temporary’ income tax hike to cover the 1989 fiscal crisis, caused by overspending during the Dukakis presidential campaign.

5 – The number of years since the voters, 59-41%, told you to “keep the promise” that the tax hike of 1989 would be temporary, and roll the income tax rate back to its traditional 5%.

4 – The number of years since the last fiscal crisis caused by overspending, caused by the “temporary” tax hike of 1989 that was carried through the high point of the economic cycle in the ‘90s.

2 – The number of years that the income tax rate should have been 5% if you had done what the voters mandated.

10 – The number of years it usually takes to recover from a fiscal crisis and, using that crisis’ continuing tax hike, spend us into another fiscal crisis.

8 – The number of years remaining til the next fiscal crisis and its next new “temporary” tax hike.

0 – The deserved credibility of legislators who ignore economic realities, lie about new taxes being temporary, break promises, create fiscal crises, and disrespect the voters.

9 out of 10 – The level of foolishness of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation as it makes recommendations for efficiency and accountability while fighting the tax cuts that would make reforms necessary.

25 – The number of years since Proposition 2½ was passed by the voters and respected by the Legislature, to the benefit of taxpayers, the commonwealth’s image, and the state economy.

– 30 –

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