and the
Citizens Economic Research Foundation

October 6, 2005

House again dodges vote
on Republicans’ income tax rollback amendment

Append the Beacon Hill Rule: “Don’t speak when you can nod, don’t nod when you can wink” – with, don’t vote when you can dodge.

For those who wondered what kind of Speaker DiMasi was going to be, now we know: a continuation of leadership tyranny – where Democrat legislators are cowards and sheep needing protection from controversial issues by a “ruling of the chair” that prevents a direct roll call vote on an issue.

The income tax rollback will not go away. CLT and taxpayers will haunt them through October, we will haunt them on the November anniversary of the popular vote to rollback the rate, we will be at the November 15th hearing on CLT’s rollback bill. They can hide but they can’t run.

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