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Citizens Economic Research Foundation

June 24, 2005

Property rights decimated by Supremes

Citizens for Limited Taxation is stunned by yesterday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision to allow the government to take our homes for the benefit of developers. Citizens from the far right to the far left and everywhere in between should be rising in outrage.

We fight to limit taxes – but we start with the assumption that we have private property to be taxed. We understand, and barely approve, the concept of eminent domain for major public projects like roads, but certainly not the abuse of “public use” to include increasing government revenue.

But to be forced by government at any level to give up our homes to private sector developers, for business expansion, shopping malls and “better” housing than our little homes, is a violation of everything for which America has stood since its birth.

We intend to become involved in any movement to reverse this decision. We will support a presidential candidate and congressmen who will change the Supreme Court vote by choosing judges who understand property rights. We call for a federal constitutional amendment to clarify for the Court what the Fifth Amendment of the Bill of Rights has meant for centuries. In the interim, we call on Governor Romney to determine how much the Massachusetts Constitution protects us on this issue, and to file a legislative constitutional amendment if necessary.

In the meantime, the Massachusetts Legislature should pass an “Our home is our castle” resolution, forbidding any taking of homes that will be given to any private sector entity for any reason.

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