and the
Citizens Economic Research Foundation

January 26, 2005

CLT congratulates Governor Romney for
including long-overdue income tax rollback

Governor Romney’s budget responds to the will of the voters by “defrosting” the 2000 income tax rollback, reducing the income tax rate that should have been 5% in 2003 to 5% for tax year 2006.

CLT has filed a bill reducing the rate to 5% for tax year 2005.

Either way, the Legislature is running way behind the will of the voters, and sixteen or seventeen years behind the promise that the income tax hike of 1989 would be “temporary.”

We are pleased that Governor Romney, like CLT, has not given up and will continue to remind the Legislature about the “temporary” tax hike, broken promise, and violated will of the voters.

We also support the elimination of the cap on charter schools, and are still looking into other outside sections.

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