and the
Citizens Economic Research Foundation

The Initiative Petition Process is Threatened!
Help us defend our citizens' right to legislate

Without this last resort for citizens,
democracy in Massachusetts will be dead
Don't  permit the remains of our democracy  to be strangled -- help us defend it

Text of Sen. Rosenberg's dangerous attempt to kill the citizens' right to petition


Jul 15, 2005 The Legislature's latest assault bill to kill Article 48
Feb 9, 2004 Memo to members of the ConCon: Don't kill voters' I&R process  
May 5, 2003 Rosenberg bill to kill initiative process gets "unfavorable" report from committee
Apr 16, 2003 Boston Globe editorial: "The power of petitions"
Apr 10, 2003 Telegram & Gazette editorial: "Endangered right - Proposals would undermine initiative petition"
Apr 10, 2003 Boston Herald editorial: "Ballot questions targeted"
Apr 10, 2003 Senate 362 An attempt to kill the citizens initiative 
Apr 10, 2003 Statement of the Coalition to Protect Citizen Initiatives
Apr 4, 2003 War and fiscal crisis deflect attention from plot to kill initiative petition process
Apr 2, 2003 Summaries of Sen. Rosenberg's assault on citizens' I&R process (prepared by Common Cause)
Jan 5, 2003 "Voters too wise to fall for this bill," by Taylor Armerding - Eagle-Tribune
Dec 16, 2002 Analysis of threat to Initiative Petition process
Dec 15, 2002 Legislature targets for kill citizens' last chance
Dec 4, 2002 Text of Sen. Rosenberg's dangerous attempt to crush the citizens' right to petition

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