A Ballot Committee of Citizens for Limited Taxation


in Alliance with
Governor A. Paul Cellucci's Tax Rollback Committee

Vote "YES!" on Question 4
Before They're Back for MORE!

Beacon Hill Institute: Priced Out of Reach: How High Taxes Make It Tough to Recruit in Massachusetts Oct 12, 2000
Federation of Tax Administrators ranks Massachusetts per capita fifth-highest taxed state Oct 7, 2000
MTF Analysis: Fiscal Consequences of Ballot Questions 4 and 6 Oct 2, 2000
Mass. Taxpayers Foundation: Flush times lead to weakening of fiscal discipline Aug 15, 2000
Beacon Hill Institute: The Economics of Tax Reduction: Clean Cut or Compromise Apr 5, 2000
Beacon Hill Institute: Poor Revenue Estimates Costs States Jobs and Investments Jul 8, 1998
Beacon Hill Institute: BHI tax cut plan offers strongest immediate benefit to the Massachusetts economy May 20, 1998
Department of Revenue Analysis:  Family Savings with Question 4 Feb 13, 2000
Department of Revenue Analysis:  Impact of  Question 4 passage Feb 9, 2000

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