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October 25, 2000
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2 ads, 2 paid actors, 0 real people

Tax Rollback Committee chastises "No on 4" campaign
for continued use of paid actors
pretending to be real people in their campaign ads

The Tax Rollback Committee, a key backer of the "Yes On 4" coalition to rollback the state's 
income tax rate to 5%, today chastised the "No On 4" committee for its repeated use of paid 
actors in its campaign ads pretending to be real people.

"At some point you would think the 'No On 4' crowd would be able to scare up one real person in the state to appear in one of their television ads," said Tax Rollback Committee spokesman John Brockelman. "We don't envy their task in finding a real person who believes that we should not roll the state's income tax rate back to 5% to keep the promise."

The "No On 4" campaign's latest ad features Mike Webb, CEO of EPIX Medical in Cambridge passionately talking about how voting "Yes On 4" will hurt our state's high tech economy.

Coincidentally, the Chairman of the Board of EPIX Medical is none other than former Democrat congressional candidate and venture capitalist Christopher Gabrieli. In fact, when Gabrieli officially announced his bid for the 8th congressional district, he did it in a press conference at EPIX Medical in Cambridge. Gabrieli is listed on the "No On 4" web page as a "community leader" endorsing their campaign.

The "No On 4" campaign's first ad featured Nancy Villone a paid actor from Medfield.


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