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October 23, 2000
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"No on 4" Supporter: Tax break would be
"A lot to any ordinary person"

House Speaker Finneran torpedoes argument that a yes vote on Question 4 would not provide a significant tax break to average families across the state.

The opponents to Question 4 were dealt a serious blow to one of their major arguments by one of their own supporters over the weekend. House Speaker Tom Finneran, an opponent of Question 94, called the proposed tax break, "a lot to any ordinary person" which undercuts the "No on 4" contention that the tax break doesn't help middle income families.

"One of their own major supporters has torpedoed one of their central arguments," said Tax Rollback Committee spokesman John Brockelman. "Even their allies admit that a yes vote on Question #4 would be a significant tax break for average families across the state."

House Speaker Tom Finneran, who is prominently displayed on the "No on 4" web site endorsers page, stated the following in a debate on Channel 56 on 10/21/00:

Jon Keller:  "Do you agree that the $450 or $471 that the family in the Governor's example would receive is significant or..."

Speaker Finneran:  "Oh sure. Even if it's only $200 and it depends on ones definition of the middle class, these are very elastic definitions depending on who you might be talking to. But whether it's $200, $300, $400 or more that's a lot to any ordinary person..."

Jon Keller:  "Because some on your side of this issue have referred to it, disparagingly, as a sub a week and a bag of chips."

Speaker Finneran:  "I understand the point of view, but I don't accept it, I don't find it compelling."

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