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October 17, 2000
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Tax Rollback Committee Releases Fact Check
on "No on #4" Ad

Misspellings, a paid actress, and a distortion of the facts all in 30 seconds!

The Tax Rollback Committee today released a fact check on the first "No on #4" advertisement. In addition to misspelling the governor's name and the state of Massachusetts, the first "No on #4" campaign blitz plays fast and loose with the facts.

"If they can't even spell the name of our state and our governor correctly, in their opening campaign blitz, why should anyone trust anything else they have to say?" said spokesman for the Tax Rollback Committee John Brockelman. "It is also pathetic that they were forced to hire an actress to play a 'real person from Massachusetts' to distort the facts about this popular tax rollback."

"The state and the governor's last name are missing letters on the Web site, as taped for the commercial. (Both errors, 'Celluci' and 'Massachusets,' have since been corrected on the Web site.)" (Boston Globe, 10/17/00)

Brockelman was also referring to the star of the "No on #4" campaign's new ad Nancy Villone from Medfield who, according to the Associated Press and State House News Service, was paid to appear in the commercial to pretend that she is a "real person" opposing the tax rollback to 5%.