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Tax Rollback Committee

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October 2, 2000
Contact: Bobby Matthews - (617) 338-2174

Tax Rollback Committee
welcomes MTF report

The Tax Rollback Committee today recognized a recent Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation (MTF) report as a victory for the hardworking taxpayers of Massachusetts.

"MTF confirmed what we've known all along," noted Paul Melkonian, Chairman of the Tax Rollback Committee. "We can afford the tax rollback while producing balanced budgets and not a single cut in services."

In previous reports, MTF has noted that Massachusetts's income taxes are among the highest in the nation. Measured per capita, the Commonwealth ranks third among the fifty states, nearly twice the national average. Based upon personal income, Massachusetts ranks fourth, 60 percent above the U.S. average. In addition, MTF revenue forecasts have consistently been below actual revenue growth.

"MTF has always agreed that the Legislature promised this tax was 'temporary'. That such a cautionary organization confirms we can rollback the income tax should lay to rest any opponent's claim that it is 'unaffordable'."

The Tax Rollback Committee and A Promise to Keep 5% are the official ballot committees for supporters of Question 4 in November. A 'yes' vote on Question 4 will roll the state income tax back to five percent - providing the average working family almost $500 in additional annual income. It will also force accountability on the Legislature after they 'temporarily' increased the rate from five percent in 1989.

Recent polls show that over seventy percent of voters favor rolling the state income tax back to five percent.