A Ballot Committee of Citizens for Limited Taxation


Four Good Reasons
to vote
"YES!" on Question 4

1.  Keep the Promise: 5%:  Our state government promised that the income tax hike from 5% to 5.75% would be temporary. That was eleven years ago.

2.  Protect Massachusetts’ Future:  Our per capita income tax burden is still the highest in the nation. By gradually reducing the tax rate on both "wage" and "investment" income to 5 percent, we invest in the productivity and continued prosperity that enable us to pay for infrastructure, local aid, education and health care.

3.  Vote Yes on 4, or they’ll be back for more:  We must prevent another fiscal crisis like the one we faced in 1989 that led to the "temporary" tax hike. The state budget has almost doubled since then. An income tax rollback will slow the runaway spending that causes service cuts and new taxes when the economy slows down.

4.  A tax cut is a pay raise for taxpayers:  Let taxpayers keep more of their own money to save, invest, give to the charity of their choice, or pay heating bills. They can spend it more wisely than legislators, whose recent priority was giving themselves another pay raise of $4000 a year while taxpayers continue to pay the "temporary" tax.

Keep the Promise
Vote "YES!" on Question 4