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Citizens for Limited Taxation is the largest, longest-standing grassroots taxpayers association in Massachusetts.  CLT was founded in 1974 to defend state taxpayers against a proposed state graduated income tax, which it defeated on the 1976 statewide ballot and four times since, the latest in 1994.

CLT also limited property taxes and dramatically reduced the auto excise tax with its historic Proposition 2 in 1980, created a state tax cap in 1986, and got the signatures then won the 2000 ballot campaign to roll back the 1989 "temporary" income tax hike.

Defending Proposition 2 from continual attacks over the decades has been a permanent project in and of itself.

Citizens for Limited Taxation vigilantly strives to limit taxes, to help taxpayers of Massachusetts keep as much of their hard-earned income as possible and to reduce those taxes which have been imposed.  CLT strives to limit the size, growth, power and reach of government at all levels, focused especially on state government.  In 2019 CLT celebrated its 45th year as the lonely voice of the beleaguered Massachusetts taxpayer.

CLT's 25th Anniversary Banquet
May 20, 1999

Promise Logo

A Promise to Keep: 5% was the most recent CLT ballot committee. Beginning in the fall of 1997, our ballot committee organized two statewide petition drives (1997 and 1999) with the intent of rolling back the eleven-year old "temporary" income tax increase imposed in 1989 by Governor Dukakis and the Legislature.

The first petition signature drive effort was defeated by the Massachusetts Teachers Association and the Tax Equity Alliance of Massachusetts in a bruising court challenge of our signatures.  After months of back-and-forth individual signature challenges, attacks on one after another on the veracity of hundreds of voters' signatures, our petition was disqualified by the court for falling 26 signatures short of over 70,000 signatures certified by city and town clerks that we'd delivered.

With the support and leadership of Governor Paul Cellucci, our second attempt in 1999 produced over twice the required number of signatures, some 150,000.

Question 4 on the November 2000 ballot, our rollback of the 1989 "temporary" income tax hike, won overwhelmingly by 59-41 percent of the statewide vote.

In 2002, the Legislature temporarily "froze" our rollback at 5.3 percent.  CLT continued to fight for taxpayers and voters by insisting it be fully implemented, as mandated by the voters.  This finally happened in 2020, when the rate was at last returned to 5 percent thirty-one years after the promised "temporary" income tax hike was imposed.

Please contact us for more information on how you can help us defend you against insatiable More-Is-Never-Enough (MINE) state government and its minions and dependents who shamelessly shill constantly for more of your money.  Better yet join us and help yourself survive the insatiable greed of ever-expanding government special interests like the teachers' and public employees' unions which relentlessly feed at the public trough, at your expense.

As the wise old Benjamin Franklin noted: "We must all hang together, or most assuredly we will all hang separately."

On the national level, CLT is a member of the "Leave Us Alone Coalition" of the Washington-based Americans for Tax Reform.  CLT is also a member of the Washington-based National Taxpayers Union.

CLT also is a member of the World Taxpayers Associations, which meets bi-annually in one of the member nations to compare national tax policies and discuss international taxpayer strategies.

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