Teacher's Aid for Independence
Independence from the Grip of Union Bosses

"To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves is sinful and tyrannical."

Thomas Jefferson, 1779

Recognizing that many teachers are as much the victims of their union bosses, the Massachusetts Teachers Association, as are we taxpayers, and;

Recognizing that teachers not only lose the benefit of promised and long overdue tax relief, but also are charged by their union bosses with the cost of keeping the promise broken, and;

Recognizing that many teachers are also CLT members;

This page of our website is dedicated to helping those abused teachers and other coerced labor union members understand their rights so that one day they might break free from the shackles of their union bosses.

CLT's Advice to Teachers

The Beck Decision  - U.S. Supreme Court - 1988
Your constitutional right to opt out of dues used to fund political campaigns with which you disagree

The Beck Decision, and How it Affects You

Proposition 226 and the Beck Decision

Politics, Paychecks and Freedom: The Beck Decision and Workers’ Rights II

"To Beck and Beyond": An Address by Reed Larson

Big Labor's Tyranny of the Minority: Forced Union Dues in Politics

Union Discipline and Employee Rights

Abrams, et al., vs. Communications Workers of America - July 21, 1995

How Teachers Can Obtain a Dues Refund

How California Teachers Can Get A $225 Refund

Largest State Employee Union Enjoined by Court Order
from Collecting Compulsory Union Dues

The National Right to Work Committee
"No one should be forced to pay tribute to a union to get or keep a job."

National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, Inc.
"A non-profit organization providing free legal aid nationwide to thousands of employees
whose human and civil rights have been violated by compulsory unionism abuses."

National Institute for Labor Relations Research
"Supplementary analysis and research necessary to
expose the inequities of compulsory unionism.

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