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CLT&G News Release
Friday, November 6, 1998


For Immediate Release
Friday, November 6, 1998


Let us be the first to take advantage of the passage of Questions One and Two on Tuesday's ballot.

Barbara Anderson and Chip Ford do hereby declare our candidacies for state representative, and Chip Faulkner for state senator, in the year 2002, when the new campaign finance law and the guaranteed legislative pay-raises are in effect.

We agree to abide by the spending limits of the new campaign finance law. We have 200 friends each who will give $5.00; Faulkner's got 450 friends. We'll then suck up, that is, take advantage of, our share of the available tax dollars for public financing of campaigns.

Fifteen thousand bucks each for Anderson and Ford, and forty-three thousand for Faulkner, just handed over from state taxpayers, with which to participate in the primary. Another $9,000 for Anderson and Ford, $29,000 for Faulkner, for the general election!

And if we win, we'll get constitutionally guaranteed pay and regular constitutionally guaranteed pay hikes!

Ain't democracy grand!


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