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CLT&G Update
Friday, October 30, 1998

CLT&G 60-Second Radio Spot

On Tuesday, CLT&G began running voter education radio spots to inform voters about what Question One proposes. The voice is Barbara's, the tag close is mine. These ads are running on radio stations all around the state through election day.

Chip Ford --

(Background: spooky Halloween sounds -- tolling bell, howling wind)

Barbara:  Remember when state legislators voted themselves a Halloween pay-raise?

They're playing Trick or Treat again.

They've put a constitutional amendment just for themselves on the ballot -- Question One.

The Trick is, they make it sound good.

But if Question One passes it will guarantee high salaries and automatic pay-raises for legislators -- forever.

A Treat for legislators only -- right there in the constitution with our freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to trial by jury.

The permanent right of politicians to high salaries and automatic pay-hikes.

If Question One passes, our legislators will be the only human beings in the history of the world to have constitutionally-guaranteed pay-raises.

A NO vote on Question One will prevent this.

A NO vote on Question One will preserve our constitution.

Question One: Special rights just for politicians?

No, no, noooo way!

Chip:  This voter information is provided by Citizens for Limited Taxation and Government.

RADIO STATIONS (Number of Spots)

WESX/WJDA - Northshore (30) WSRA - Fall River (25)
WNAW - North Adams (21) WEIM - Fitchburg (15)
WHMP - Northampton (15) WGAW - Fitchburg (15)
WXTK - Cape Cod (20) WHAI - Greenfield (15)
WRKO - Boston (6) WLLH - Lowell (10)
WNNZ - Westfield (10) WSRO - Marlboro (15)
WBET - Brockton (25) WMRC - Milford (15)
WMSX - Brockton (20) WBSM - Bedford (15)
WTAG - Worcester (25) WESO - Southbridge (25)
WHYN - Holyoke (5) WBEC - Pittsfield (35)
WATD - Marshfield (50) WCAP - Lowell (10)

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