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CLT&G Update
Saturday, August 22, 1998

Governor Cellucci Responds to $200M Veto Critics

Greetings activists and supporters;

He did the right thing, but Governor Cellucci is being hammered by the special interests whose hands are always out, when not in our pockets. With the whopping $1 billion-plus tax over-payment from our earnings in their bank account, they didn't need to hold us up for more of our income. All they had to do was squander what they'd already stolen from us under false pretenses.

When the governor did the unthinkable and vetoed much of the pork after the Legislature had gone home on its five-month taxpayer-paid vacation, all hell broke loose and all the gimme guys and gals looking for more and more from government -- meaning us taxpayers and our money -- are on the attack. (For further information and details see the links below.)

The governor's position on his vetoes is best explained in his on words.

Chip Ford --

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PS. Check out the newest CLT&G website feature:  THE CLT&G PRIVACY PROJECT. The U.S. House quietly passed another the national I.D. card mandate last month by slipping it in as an amendment to H.R. 4250: "The Patient Protection Act," and amending the Social Security Act to permit use of our Social Security Numbers. It's become only too obvious that the federal government intends, by one means or another, to "get our number" once and for all time.

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