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CLT&G Update
Monday, August 3, 1998

CLT&G Closes Boston Office -- Relocates

As you'll see in Barbara's bi-weekly column it's official:

The Tremont Street, Boston, office of Citizens for Limited Taxation & Government has been officially vacated and closed.

The movers arrived on Thursday and carried out twenty-plus years of accumulated office supplies, equipment, records and files to the new "regional" home-offices of us four staffers:  Chip Faulkner in Wrentham, Loretta Hayden in Stoughton, Barbara in Marblehead, and me in Peabody.

This week, now that our "full-time" legislators, "The Best Legislature Money Can Buy," are on vacation for the next five months, the "members" busy campaigning full-time to keep their jobs, we'll be unpacking and setting up in our home-offices.

While the Boston phone number (617-248-0022) will remain operational, the calls forwarded until folks adjust to our relocation, the official mailing address for CLT&G now is:

P.O. Box 408
Peabody, MA 01960

With the office's rent more than quadrupling in the new lease (far beyond what we can afford these days) had we stayed, our expanding ability to telecommute (as I've always done, and Barbara's been doing for over a year) through computers and fax machines, the difficulty of lobbying the Legislature while in its "Finneran Reigns" phase; with a limited budget from contributions, the time and effort of daily commuting into the city for Chip Faulkner and Loretta Hayden, and the still questionable future of a full-time standing organization, there is no justification to remain in Boston at an increasing expense.

Other than location, nothing will change so long as your interest and financial support, and that of enough others, continues and we have sufficient funds to go on being the lone voice of the Massachusetts taxpayer, the nagging conscience of the state Legislature.

With this now-diminished overhead and not being locked in to a long-term lease agreement, we have the flexibility to quickly adjust our efforts accordingly, based on the level of interest, support, and commitment of the taxpayers and our membership.

So onward and forward to another day . . .

Chip Ford --

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