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*** Promise Update ***
Wednesday, September 10, 1997

We're off and running, friends -- it's time to rock 'n rollback!

We expect our blank petition forms to be ready for pickup in another week. We're in the process of readying the packages that will go out with two blank petitions, copies of "Tips for Petitioners," and "Petitioning Instructions." A package will be mailed out to the entire membership of CLT&G with a request that each member -- at the very least -- sign it and get friends and neighbors (from the same city or town, as each petition sheet can ONLY BE FROM ONE city or town!) to sign it and return it to us.

But that will not get us even close to 64,928 -- the required number of certified signatures of registered Massachusetts voters. (In reality, we'll need to have a minimum of 80,000 raw signatures when we turn them in to the city and town clerks for certification by the November 19th deadline, as a good number of them will be disqualified for one reason or another.)

We're now looking for volunteer coordinators: city and town coordinators, district/area coordinators, county coordinators, and mall coordinators.

We need your help to succeed.

Yesterday we sent out letters to the management of a number of malls across the state to reserve petition tables for the weekends of September 27/28, October 11-13 (Columbus Day Weekend), and November 8/9, at the following locations:

Arsenal Mall (Watertown)
Auburn Mall (Auburn)
Berkshire Mall (Lanesboro)
Burlington Mall (Burlington)
Cape Cod Mall (Hyannis)
Dedham Mall (Dedham)
Fairfield Mall (Chicopee)
Greendale Mall (Worcester)
Hampshire Mall (Hadley)
Hanover Mall (Hanover)
Holyoke Mall at Ingleside (Holyoke)
Independence Mall (Kingston)
Liberty Tree Mall (Danvers)
Natick Mall (Framingham)
Northshore Mall (Peabody)
Searstown Mall (Leominster)
Silver City Galleria (Taunton)
South Shore Plaza (Braintree)
Square One Mall (Saugus)
Westgate Mall (Brockton)

If you're available to coordinate (or staff) one of the CLT&G/Promise tables on the dates we're reserving, or will coordinate your city, town, or an other area, please let us know ASAP at:

We need your help -- even for a few hours if that's all you can afford over the two months we've got! It takes some well-orchestrated teamwork to pull off a statewide petition drive. We hope we can count on you to help cut your taxes and save your money.

Chip Ford & Barbara Anderson

PS. If you're not already on our (snail-mail) mailing list and want to receive a petition package, fill out the following e-form and return it to:

Please return the following information:







I will help by: